How Automation Technique Can Run Your SEO campaign on Autopilot

As the world of Digital Marketing gets more dense and wide, both beginner and expert SEO professionals are constantly looking for ways to ease their burden of boring SEO related tasks. SEO Automation is one of the primary methods used by such people and agencies.


So, what is SEO Automation exactly?

SEO Automation refers to the automation of your SEO activities, such as link building, in order to make them more efficient and less time-consuming. The process involves the use of a number of fully or semi-automated tools and software which would implement and execute SEO strategies as per your specific instruction.


If you have been in the SEO industry for a while now, you must be familiar with how complex and cumbersome it is to build links, especially the good ones. The link building process involves a lot of research and manual work, which not everyone is comfortable with. Sure, they love to build strategies and figure out the SEO components they need to work on, but when it comes to the implementation part, most of them seek the help of others. This is where automation tools can be of help.


As you may already know, SEO is only getting more difficult over time, as Google keeps refining its strategies and algorithms to filter out the negative results. This is why SEO experts need to do a lot of work and research in order to make their content and pages worth ranking.


Moreover, SEO is a very important and delicate work, which you cannot hand over to just anyone. Thankfully, there are a number of automated tools with which you can automate some, if not all of your SEO tasks including email outreach and link building. The automation of these SEO tactics will save you a lot of time and money, which you can spend on the growth of your business.


So, let’s get started.


Automation of Backlink Analysis/Tracking

Link building is still one of the most competitive and useful strategies for acquiring higher organic rankings in search engines. But over time, it has become more difficult and tiresome to get good links. This is where one or more link building automation tools and platforms can assist you.


One of the best places to start with is a Backlink analysis tool, or also known as a data collection tool. These tools will get you a list of all the backlinks to a specific web page or site. Then, you can filter the results to select the ones with high domain authority and relevance. You can start with the tracking of your competitors’ backlinks, preferably the ones which are already ranking well in Google. This will help you find all the relevant sites where you can build your own backlinks.


Some of the popular backlink/competitor analysis tools are - Majestic, ScrapeBox, Ahrefs Backlink checker, cognitiveSEO, Moz link explorer, etc. Mostly companies use these tools to run their work effectively, SAGIPL - experienced SEO Company also use this tool to get their work done faster.


On-Page SEO Analysis Automation

On-page analysis and optimization is usually the first stage in any SEO campaign. This is important because no one will stay on your website if it is not good enough. In order to make the most out of your SEO efforts, you need to first optimize the site itself.


But due to a variety of areas to analyse and the time-consuming process, many SEO experts have started taking help of automation tools which can quickly analyse any website for SEO errors and inefficiencies.


Some of the most used automated tools for SEO Analysis & Auditing are - Woorank, Semrush, Spyfu, SEOptimer and the Yoast SEO Plugin.


The Yoast SEO Plugin can be used as a plugin in your browser. It will automatically identify errors on a website and will also show ways to improve them. Seoptimer is another popular SEO analysis tool which will give you a complete report of a website’s SEO along with a detailed backlink profile.


Moreover, you can easily manage to find a good SEO agency around to perform a free SEO audit of your website.


Automation of Email (influencer) Outreach

An effective outreach strategy can help you acquire authority links along with a healthy reputation in your target industry. For an outreach program to become successful, you need to prepare compelling emails along with superb content and send them to the right influencers.


I know it sounds like a lot of work, and therefore, I am hereby suggesting some automation tools which can help you with the job.


For creating interesting and relevant content, you can take help of online platforms like BuzzSumo, which is rich in fascinating topic ideas for every niche. Moreover, the tool can also help you find and connect with popular blogging sites in your industry.


Once you’ve found the right idea and influencer for your content, the next stage is preparing a good quality content which publishers would love to post.


For email outreach for blogging and link opportunities, you can use email automation tools like Mailshake and MailChimp, which can help you build personalized emails and send them to the desired people. MailChimp can even help you find new clients and influencers for outreach.


Keyword Analysis Automation

Keyword Analysis also happens to be an important factor for ranking well in search engines. It involves finding the right, relevant keywords for your web pages.


When it comes to the use of keywords, you cannot just put the same or similar keywords on every page on your site, as it will only end up confusing Google and your visitors about the relevancy of the pages.


For the most part, Google’s Keyword Planner should do the job of finding the best keywords for your web pages. It is a smart tool which uses Google’s search data for recommending the relevant keywords in any niche based on competition, search volume and other factors.


Other than that, you can use other tools such as Moz Keyword Explorer,, Google Search Console, etc., for a better analysis of your keyword profile and improving the same.


Automation of Social Marketing (Sharing)

One of the primary reasons people use social media for business is to gain access to millions of potential users who already exist on these platforms. Social media may not have a big impact on your SEO ranking, but it can surely help you gain traffic.


Besides that, social media sites are a quite good place to give your new online business the much-needed exposure and expand its reach by exposing your content to a variety of audiences as well as influencers in your target niche.


Moving on to effective ways to promote your business on social media, content sharing seems like the most definite option. Sharing your new blog post through your official social handles will not only give your content the exposure it needs but also it will keep your customers updated and engaged with your brand, driving them back to your site.


In addition to sharing a content right away after posting, you should also consider scheduling your blog posts to go live at a specific time. This will keep your users engaged and maintain a constant flow of traffic to your website. You can use social sharing tools such as Buffer, Mention, IFTTT, Hootsuite, etc., for the purpose.


In order to make your posts reach the most audience, you should research and find the timing when your audience is online and active. Then, you can use automation tools to schedule your posts to go live at that particular time.


Now that you’ve become well versed with how automation works in SEO, get on with implementing the best SEO automation tools and software for the growth of your own business. Remember that automation is just a way to speed up your SEO efforts and results and save some time and money doing so, but do not just completely hand over your SEO work to these automated tools, as this is exactly where the line between White hat SEO and Black hat SEO starts blurring.


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