Biggest SEO Trends For The Businesses To Thrive In 2019

The first question before entering 2019, especially for the digital agencies, is to know how the field of search engine optimization is likely to change in this New Year. What are the trends which are going to emerge now, and what old trends are here to die? Which are the trends, which will continue to flourish till 2020 and beyond? These are some of the questions that need to get answered as soon as possible. SEO is always in constant motion, while changing to such an extent, where it becomes quite difficult to keep up with almost everything. There are some of the major SEO trends, which have flourished in 2019 and stated to stay like this for a long time.

Voice search is here and all set to begin its rules:

Among multiple SEO trends of 2019, the voice search is becoming one point which is growing in popularity. Not only that but this growth is taking place in one rapid scale. Within a couple of more years, you will always here voice controlling mechanism everywhere you go and it will become a very common phenomenon at that time. By the year 2020 knocks at your door, experts state that around 50% of all the possible searches will be voice controlled. That’s how voice search has emerged and here to stay.

  • The current number of people who are actually using voice assistants is mainly growing on a yearly scale and at a rather fast speed.
  • Experts state that around 35.6 million Americans are now using voice activated devices once minimum in a month. Another calculation states that around one in six Americans now actually own smart speakers.
  • Even though it is actually true that the world of current SEO and search engines is changing and evolving at the same time, there is always an increase in the voice search usage. It is one of the major changes to have taken over for sure.
  • The reason is within its different method, which is not what people have been accustomed with before. This form of service is always in need of completely different form of optimization strategy.

You can think about it in a different limelight. There is one way in which you might search for anything on Google and another way is by asking about it. It is mandatory for you to know that the questions they will ask are a tad bit different. It is also going to create that need for content that you will be returning to. It can be either through web page or return voice interaction. It will help you to prepare yourself for answering some of the natural language based queries.  Furthermore, Google always prefer some of the shorter answers to voice search based queries. Typically, it is around 29 words on an average.

These answers will always look to be connected right between the voice search optimization and even the featured snippets of Google. The short answers that you generally get above other results will have zero position in SERP. The Best SEO Sydney will help you understand more about this voice interactive trend with passing time and some more examples.

Mobile first indexing right as work in progress:

In the year 2018, March, Google started rolling out the mobile first indexing finally. This change was one which people have been looking for quite a long time. It is not that uncommon as around 60% of all the traffic is associated with mobile device, and this number is not stagnant. It keeps on growing every year and will do the same in future as well.

But first, you need to understand what exactly the mobile first indexing actually means for the web designers and SEO. Moreover, when is the right time to expect the voice search index?  Make sure to get the answers first and things might gladly work out well for you.

  • The idea of mobile first indexing is just a year old and it is really difficult to state where the end is going to be and the direction involved in its movements.
  • However, one thing is absolutely clear and that is the speed and its importance, based on the Speed Update in the month of July.
  • Furthermore, it is also quite important for you to create a truly responsive online site, which is not just fully mobile centric functional but also get to move rather quickly.
  • From the changes taking place, it seems that Google views the slow loading online sites to be the biggest problem with the mobile web centric world of today. So, the search engine team is always looking for ways to use their present influence on market and just force the owners to work a lot better than before.
  • Website speed is always one of the major components which will make up the user experience of any form of website or type. Lowering the present load time is the finest approach of every website owner. It can help them to improve the current web presence.
  • Creating some of the finest mobile websites and enhancing the user experience for the visitors while using the mobile devices can be rather imperative in nature.
  • As it is not quite clear regarding the next steps to encounter for the mobile first indexing, so, depending on the past work of Google, everything is about offering audience with the websites which are easily navigable and use. It helps in offering that promising user experience and helps the business to grow fast.

The idea behind Block chain technology:

It is true to state that Block chain technology can eventually impact SEM and SEO more than what you have anticipated. Even though it was associated with crypto currency and Bitcoin, block chain has a generic influence, which is way more far reaching than your usual sense. So, it is going to influence the SEO market in no time, so it is better to stay prepared for a long time for sure.