How to Conduct Dental SEO for Last Quarter 2019

As we move into December 2019, we are in the last quarter of the year. This quarter is represented by long daylight, festivals, time spent outdoors, short getaways and in some areas, extreme weather. Because of these conditions, businesses often are more lazy about their marketing. They don’t consider marketing a priority when other things are more pressing. However, you don’t want to forget to market your business, especially your search engine optimization. If you are a dental practice, SEO can help you bring in thousands of dollars from new patients.


Refresh your content

Last quarter is a good time to refresh your content. SEO thrives on relevant and quality content. Therefore, you should be adding new content regularly, but if you aren’t as savvy about putting content on your website or social media, you could drop in search engine rankings, which means, you might be losing potential customers. You can refresh your content by publishing a new blog. You might try ideas related to spring, such as how being outdoors can be good for teeth or the dangers to teeth from sports. You can add a new special for the winter to your practice or a new referral program. When you write copy about the new special, you are refreshing your content. Change your homepage content.


Post links on social media

If you rather spend half your day on the golf course or swimming, you can write about this on your Facebook page. You can also use your other social media accounts to talk about oral health that many people might not know. However, you don’t want to post anything. That could do a disservice to your practice. You also don’t want to post things people already know just because it fits the keywords list you have generated regarding searching. Also, figure out the best time to post on social media to engage more people to your website. For example, if brushing teeth is a search term that is popular to get people to your website, that might be true, but people already know about brushing teeth and don’t want to read about it in a post. However, if you post brushing teeth too often can be harmful, which might get more people’s attention.


Get quality backlinks 

Search engines rank companies higher when they have links back to their website from somewhere else. They look for quality backlinks. However, while SEO experts argue these have to come from guest posts on sites, such as, that is not the case. All you need to do is post your website link in profiles you set up throughout the Internet. Say you are a member of your local chamber of commerce and are asked to place a profile on the chamber’s website, you add your profile with your social media and website links. This gives you a qualified link back to your site. If you do charity work and are on a website for that, add your website link to that profile too. You also can write a local blog that doesn’t run nationally for a backlink. If you are taking place in a community event, you might have your profile and link there as well. These profile links are easier to obtain than guest blogs and boost your rankings just as much.


Get involved 

Search engines do not rank you if you are out in the community doing something, but that involvement can lead to strong SEO. For example, you might be offered an opportunity to list your profile. You also might be offered the opportunity to write for the newsletter, marketing materials or a blog. These will improve your SEO. The involvement might be related to your practice, which is something you can post on your social media. That will boost SEO. It also might include an event that can be videotaped and put on YouTube. These make you go higher in SEO too.


Produce videos 

Because search engines are ranking videos high, you need them on your website and on YouTube. You can create videos that impart dental information to boost SEO or you can produce videos of events. You also can do an animation about a difficult topic, such as oral cancer. Whatever the topic, videos give you an opportunity to ensure you get the most SEO exposure possible.