Top 7 Advance SEO Techiniques Should Be Follow In 2020

Are you Updated? SEO is changing every day and it becoming more tricky to rank on the first page of the search engine. If you or your agency is still using the old and basic method to rank then its time to become Advanced.


There are many SEO techniques that many SEO companies in USA are using to get more organic search traffic. But today, I want to show you seven of my Advanced SEO Techniques. the cool part is that you can take advantage of these even if you are a beginner or a pro. It only takes a few seconds to implement. But it can drive a ton of new organic search traffic to your site.


  • Predictive Links Technique

Let me ask you a question: What if you could create pages on your site that attracted backlinks like clockwork? That's possible when you use the Predictive Links Technique. And the best part is that it's super simple.


Here's what you need to do:


1.1. Examine your competitors' most linked-to pages. Just open up competitors’ backlink research tool and enter a competitor's domain into the Site Explorer. Then click on 'best by links' and within seconds you'll see what topics have attracted the most backlinks in your industry. You can use this same technique for creating successful content on social media.


Just open the content creation tool and enter a topic. Then you'll have access to ideas that are proven to attract social shares and even links. You can also do the same thing with YouTube. Just go to a popular channel in your industry and sort their videos by most popular. And within seconds, you'll see the ideas that your industry is most interested in and what they engage with the most. 


1.2. Create a page around the same topic but make it 10 times different and better. whether you're using this method to attract links, get more social attraction, or dominate YouTube, the principle is the same. You're simply going to create a content asset that's 10 times different and better than your competitors. 


1.3. The process is to reach out to the people that linked to your competitor's content.

2. Getting Link From Guest Posting

This is by a long shot one of the most undiscovered third party referencing techniques. So, you're going to pitch specialists who have online accounts to make content on your webpage as a visitor author. Presently it's a simple pitch for you if you have some traffic and an OK crowd because most specialists need to advance themselves. 


Here are some significant focuses to remember about this procedure.


2.1. Be selective about who can write for your blog and, ideally, they should have an audience of their own. 


2.2. Make sure they write on a topic that you haven't covered yet to avoid keyword cannibalization. Which is when multiple pages are targeting the same keyword phrases on your website.

3. Ghost Technique

Presently, this is the most essential procedure on this rundown. Be that as it may, you wouldn't accept what number of destinations don't exploit it. You should simply include 'best' or the year on to your title tag any place it bodes well. It's genuinely insane how much traffic you really pass up when you don't utilize them. 

4. Tunnel Vision Technique

Probably the biggest mistake I see sites make is attempting to target an excessive number of keyphrases one after another. It's such a great amount of better to have exclusive focus and distribute the entirety of your assets to overwhelming one keyword. 


Here's how to execute the Tunnel Vision Technique.


4.1. Identify a qualified keyword.

4.2. Allocate your resources to dominating that keyword.

4.3. Keep working on the page and promoting it until it ranks.

4.4. And lastly, once the page is ranking in the top five, move onto another keyword phrase.

5. Spider Food Technique

If you need a specific page on your site to rank better in Google, at that point you have to show Google's crawler that it's a need. That implies that you have to move your page higher up into your site engineering. What's more, when you do that, Google will have the option to slide that page simpler and all the more oftentimes. It additionally motions toward Google that your objective page is significant.

6. LIS Technique

What qualities make people want to link to your website?

Well, there are many qualities, but there's one that helps enormously. And that's the concept of Length Implies Strength or LIS. have you ever seen one of those super long sales letters that seem to scroll for decades?


Well, that's not by accident. Long sales letters leverage this concept because a longer sales letter persuades you to believe that the product has more to offer, even if that isn't necessarily true. with that said, you can apply this same principle to your SEO is driven pages as well.


One of the easiest actions you can take is to simply make your content longer and more in-depth. The truth is, no one is going to link to a page with 400 words. People only link to pages that add massive, unique value. If you want more links, write longer content. But before you do that, it's important not to take this out of context. It needs to be well thought out, unique and should add massive amounts of value. Don't just add words to a page just to have words. Add them because it helps the user in some way.

7.Relationship Accelerator Technique

The Relationship Accelerator Technique fills a double need.


7.1. To start with, it can assist you with building relationships with the individuals who are able and ready to link to you.


7.2. Second, it can assist you in scoring links with very little effort. 


7.2.1. Host expert gatherings;

7.2.2. Host interviews;

7.2.3. Request expert commitments to your substance.


In short, you're giving value upfront because you're going to link to these expert's website. And in exchange, you're building a relationship with someone who has influence and they might link to, or at least share the content they were featured in.