5 Simple SEO Tricks That Drive More Traffic to Your Personal Trainer Website

Technology is revolutionizing every aspect of life. It led to the development of the internet, and now it is one of the reasons why websites exist. Speaking of websites, days when personal trainers used to depend on word of mouth to get more clients are long gone and forgotten. Nowadays, everyone resides on the internet. That being the case, it is only wise that you use it to tap prospect clients. But that doesn't mean that you can easily set up a personal trainer website and start attracting visitors instantly. There is more to that than you think.

Remember, there are billions of personal trainer websites on the internet today. That means you need to come up with tricks and techniques that can help you to outrank the existing sites. The question is, what better way to do so than SEO? For many reasons, SEO remains to be one of the best ways to make your website appear on the first page of SERPs. It is also proving to be the only option for web owners who want to attract plenty of traffic to their website. But then, that only happens if you use the right tricks.


That is why this post is going to take you through methods that you can use to drive more traffic to your personal trainer website. These tricks are not only simple but also effective. Your task is to make sure you apply them remarkably well for optimum results. They include:


Make excellent use of keywords

As soon as you understand the niche which your website belongs, you need to go ahead and optimize your keywords. The first step to take is to conduct a keyword search so that you know which types of keywords to use. Pay more attention to keywords that have high web traffic. That often indicates the most used keywords in your niche. The reason why you need keywords is that people use them to initiate searches in search engines.

For instance, someone may search for “the best personal trainer in California.” That means if your keyword is “personal trainer in California,” then your website will be among the ones that pop up on the SERPs. For keyword optimization, opt for long-tail keywords. Those are keywords that have more than three words. Also, make sure that you incorporate them within the content naturally.


Create high-quality content

Content is key! That is something that every website owner should know. It is also one of the most crucial SEO tricks for a personal trainer website that can quickly get you the targeted traffic you are seeking. Try and come up with content that is intriguing and interactive. Every sentence in your content should be meaningful and enticing enough to keep the visitor reading. You need to write as though you are speaking with him or her directly.

Another thing that you need to make sure your content has is meaning. Know what you are writing and why you are writing. Doing so will enable your content to answer various questions that the prospective client has, and that is how you capture their attention. Make sure it flows perfectly for easy understanding. By the time the reader finishes, he or she should be more than glad to have you as a personal trainer.


Make use of backlinks

The biggest and best way to optimize SEO is by incorporating backlinks to your content. These are links that connect your content to your website. Make sure you don't just include any backlinks. For a fitness website, health backlink can quickly get you more clicks than other backlinks. That is because most people associate fitness with health. When incorporating these bank links, you must use the right anchor texts.

Don’t throw your backlinks anywhere in the text. You should also make sure that you include them appropriately within the text. With the right number of backlinks, google bots will be able to crawl your website and rank it higher. That will make your personal trainer website to become visible to many internet users. That is how you end up with more traffic to your site.


Make use of appropriate titles and Meta titles

Good SEO practice requires you to include Meta-titles, titles, and Meta-descriptions. The Meta-tile is going to appear on the browser tab. It should be at least 52 characters and at most 55 characters. You should also include an appropriate title. Make sure you incorporate a keyword on the title for SEO purposes.

There is then the Meta-description. This is a brief description of the title and the content of your webpage. It should contain at least 153 characters and at most 155 characters. The Meta-descriptions should be nicely written and should also contain a keyword. With those three aspects carefully written, you are going to make it easy for anyone to understand what your website is all about. They also give a brief illumination of what individuals should expect on the site.


Incorporate appropriate images

Among the essential SEO tweaks for personal trainer website is including images. Most people tend to neglect this part, not knowing how visually appealing images make a website. They also know how to break the monotony and make your site much more exciting. Search through the free images platforms and come up with appropriate images that suit your content.

You can also include your images showing you taking clients through some training. You can make use of backlinks on the pictures and make them clickable or not. The trick is to ensure your images are of high quality and appealing enough. Blurred photos tend to make your content less professional.


The above SEO tricks and techniques are incredible in directing traffic to your website. They are some of the main reasons why most sites rank higher than others in the same niche. Your goal should be to make your website rank best as soon as anyone initiates a search. With the right use of the above tips, your website will not only attract many clients but also convince them to stay longer.