Techniques to Master in SEO writing

As search engine optimization (SEO) started to prove its importance in driving traffic to company websites, some marketers and SEO agencies have complicated the process and many believed that effective SEO campaign only revolves in inserting keywords into page tags and body of the content.


Though this remains true and relevant that inserting keywords along with the word count are the key to have a high rank in search engines, marketers and agencies are focusing more on the technicalities of SEO that they tend to totally deviate from one important factor – the art of writing and its ability to deliver valuable content that will drive traffic in your website.


The combination of these two – SEO technicalities and art of writing, give marketers and agencies the true sense of success in these field as neither can survive without the other.  One cannot go alone and if it does, it will not produce the optimum result for your brand. Using these two strategies is basically what you call an SEO writing.


This strategy is more than keywords. SEO writing consolidates the art of creating quality and valuable content that resonates with your audiences and the methodologies and technicalities of SEO.


So how you are going to do it and making sure that you balance out these two SEO writing factors? Here are some techniques you can check to help you with your next SEO strategy.


  1. Learn the essentials

Before starting to write or before creating any content, you need to know the keywords and phrases associated with your business. As there are thousands of keywords available online, research and test the best phrases and keywords that you think will work for you. Create a spreadsheet for all the keywords you want to use to act as your tool and guide in using them.  


Incorporate the right and targeted keywords at places where they matter most. Use keywords in title tags, headline tags and Meta description. Use bold and bullets as Google pays loads of attention to this. However you must remember not to bombard your article with all the keywords you think is relevant as this might sound not authentic. Your content should still have a natural flow and tone to it as readers detect a fake voice quite easily. 


  1. Create a writing routine

SEO writing basically requires you to write and rewrite and rewrite again. It may drain you of ideas at times but you can easily overcome this by creating a routine and process.


First create a writing mood where ideas will come naturally from your mind. Then start by organizing your thoughts. Do not be afraid to scribble what comes in your mind as you write your draft for you will still have to review it. A real writer never stops writing every single day as this creates a routine. When your ideas are forming, write in short and concise sentences before doing paragraphs after your first edit.


  1. Think like your audience

As you start writing, build your work around questions about your topic. Identify what is the problem and the solution that you can provide in your article. Ask yourself, if your audience is going to read this, will they care? As you do this, your tone of voice in your article will be knowledgeable, authoritative and trustworthy.


As marketers and agencies focus more on the methodologies of SEO, oftentimes, contents are tone-deaf. When you do this, you might forget that it will be an actual human being who will search for keywords and phrases related to your brand. Keep your writings simple and speak the language of your audience. Always remember to share valuable information that is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. There should also be depth and essence in your content.


  1. Be mindful of your writing form

Your content no matter how interesting it is will not be able to give you optimum results if you write in a bad form. Spelling and grammar are the top things you will look out for. Misspelled names and words and sloppy grammar often send a bad impression to your readers and eventually translate said impression to your brand. Always check for spelling and grammar errors not only once but several times to avoid unwanted mistakes.   


As your articles and keywords build your rank in search engines, your brand’s credibility increases as well. Double-check your facts and make sure that you cite the right sources. False information and plagiarized content will not be beneficial to your company.


  1. Quality and links

Comprehensive and quality content, the right association of keywords and phrases plus the desired length of 1000 – 2000 number of words per article can get most out of your SEO campaign strategy.  However, do not compromise the quality of your content by just filling it with words to meet the desired number by search engines. This may be hard at first but as you practice it over time, you will surely master it.


Learn and adopt the practice of adding internal links to your content. This will be not only beneficial to you as you bring your users back to your site but for your audience as well to help them better understand the topic and fetch additional information. Link your past and existing posts to your new post to help your site crawl easier in search engines.


Additional techniques: Find your own writing hack

This may be just simple pieces of advice but if done right, it will surely work for you.


  • Find the time when your brain is at the freshest – This will make sure that ideas flow naturally and this will be the time that your ideas will come out the best


  • Find the right music – Right music helps you concentrate on whatever task you are doing. As it boosts your mood, you become more productive.


  • Take a break – Writing may take all your energy and may juice out all your ideas. Always remember to take a break to refresh your mind. This much need breaks will clear your minds and produce more quality content in the long run.


Final thoughts

Building your brand and promoting your products and services through search engine optimization campaigns have been proven to one of the most organic strategies you can do. It can bring you amazing results if you will able to do it correctly however it might start tricky.


Methodologies of SEO can be quite overwhelming and the art of writing may take a lot of your time, however, you have to note that when these two are combined, it can your most powerful tool to market your brand.