Local SEO Marketing Tips on How to Drive Customers to Your Physical Store

We live at a time when shopping trends and customer priorities are shifting. You know, the local customer is moving to online shopping. With it comes a door-to-door delivery. Second, they want more than products and services. It is all about the experience they get from shopping. That partly explains why customer referrals and past reviews matter. Then, how do you increase and maintain high foot traffic to your physical store? Check out some quick local SEO marketing tips you can use.

1. Create an Experience Around Your Products and Services

Look at it this way. You may be a few retailers offering your products and services in your neighborhood. But, when the local customer moves to online shopping, it is a crowded market out there. Then, give this potential customer a reason to come to your physical store.

Then, maintain an appealing store display. Here, have some witty extras that your customers will cherish. They include free Wi-Fi and lounging space. Next, train your employees to deliver a memorable experience to all clients. Finally, customers appreciate physical stores that offer a fast shopping experience.

2. Build an Online Presence

More people spend time online today. Then, as shopping trends shift, your business should be able to adjust to the new norm. Does your store have an active online presence? If not, start by setting up a website. List your products and services and build the brand you want. Customers will refer to your site when they need a particular item. Then, you can analyze the web traffic to know what products or services are in demand. Further, use your other social media platforms to stay in touch with your current customers as you strive to attract many more.

3. Improve Your Search Rankings

Once your store has an online presence, plan on how you can make it visible to your current and potential customers. For example, maintain a blog that will be a go-to resource tool for your customers. Second, strive for active backlinks that direct traffic back to your site. Third, be cautious with your titles, headers, and Meta descriptions. It is these HTML coding that determines your search rankings. Finally, ask satisfied customers to review your products.

4. Click and Collect Works

Click and collect pulls your customers from the online platforms to your shop's doorstep. For, the customer will select the products he wants, pay via the platform you provide, then visit your store to collect them. In turn, you get to offer a one-on-one service that further boosts your credibility.

Did you know that more than half of shoppers prefer in-store pick up for their purchases? Further, up to 45% of the customers collecting their products from the store will end up buying another product in the process.

5. Take Advantage of Google's Local Inventory Ad Services

Now, did you know that with Google My Business profile, you can list all your available inventory and business information? Yes, Google creates a local storefront for your shop. Hence, it makes it easier for your nearby shoppers to spot you online.

A customer searching for products that are available in your physical store will see your site in the search results. Then, anytime the customer clicks on your ads, Google will redirect him to the storefront. Here, they will see your available inventory, when your shop is open, directions to your shop, and other relevant information.

This platform further pulls your local store to online shoppers. Also, it is your chance to monitor the impact of your digital ads.

6. Partner with Online Influencers and Connectors

As you develop your marketing strategy, include working with influencers and connectors that appeal to your customers. These are social-savvy marketers that use their vast online following to push product and services.

So, do you have a new product line? Why not offer free product giveaways through the influencer's subscribers. The winners of these products have to pick them in person at your shop. In turn, the news about your offer will spread quite fast, attracting interest to your physical store. You may also launch exclusive parties or vlog on how-to topics that elaborate on your products.


For the best results on how to drive customers to your store, start simple. Customers will think of visiting stores near me if they add value to them. Hence, make the shopping experience memorable. Gather your digital marketing tools and use them to gain visibility. Ultimately, it is your satisfied customers that will help you push the sales through the high ratings they give you.