5 Reasons Behind Your Landing Page Not Converting

High-converting landing pages are said to be the cure for online businesses struggling with turning visitors into valuable leads. 


They assist in boosting conversions, increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns or initializing relationship with your target audience. Therefore, they are extremely powerful tool that can easily turn online entrepreneurs into prospering digital magnates. 


Nevertheless, in order to serve their purpose, they need to be properly created following the landing page creation best practices. Otherwise - they won’t contribute to the improvement of your business performance. 


When it comes to landing pages, there are numerous mistakes than can be made during the creation process, such as:


  • quoting more than one offer, 
  • designing it poorly,
  • making it not consistent with the ad,
  • not proving the value of an offer,
  • not taking care of user experience. 

Quoting more than one offer 


It is one of the most common reasons behind a landing page not converting. If you put more than one offer on your landing page, you won't keep your visitors focused. 


A landing page should work like an enticement to purchase, but you should not overwhelm users with an overabundance of choice. If you have numerous cutting-edge products, create numerous landing pages. But each with only one offer. 

Poorly designed


The landing page design is the absolute first thing that impacts on users' perception even if they don't fully realise it. 


The landing page design should be well-structured, grabbing-attention and concise. It should also consist of all the landing page essential packet, such as:


  • an eye-catching headline,
  • a subheading being a prolongation of the heading,
  • outlined benefits proving the value of your offer,
  • a nicely-designed and short lead generation form,
  • visible and clear Call to action (CTA).


Lacking any of these elements may impede visitors from converting as they may easily not get interested (if you don't create an eye-catching heading) or not be able to convert (if you don't put a CTA in a visible spot). 

Not consistent with the ad 


Your landing page should also match the ad that drives traffic to it. Design, language or text of your landing page should be consistent with the ad. Otherwise - visitors will feel weirded out and not willing to convert. 


The landing page you create for a specific marketing campaign, should have the same theme, colors, CTA or images. It will prove the consistency and integrity what increases the chances of conversions. 

Not proving value


Even the most state-of-the-art landing pages won’t be effective once it doesn't prove the value of your offer for users. If you focus exclusively on quoting the features of your solution without mentioning the value and benefits, visitors won’t see the point of purchasing your products. 


Therefore - instead of fixating yourself of your business itself, make sure that your landing page is centered around the value and benefits of your offer. 

Not user-friendly

The landing page design in one thing, but you need to also provide your audience with unforgettable user experience. Even if your landing page is absolutely flawless and visually stunning, it won’t be converting if the technical aspects diverge from standards. 


You need to make sure it is easy to navigate, simple and scan-friendly. You can take advantage of additionals, such as:


  • testimonials from existing customers inspiring trust among visitors,
  • videos enhancing your landing page message,
  • a bullet list transparently presenting the key benefits of your offer. 


As you can see, there is a lot of aspects to take into consideration while creating a landing page. Nevertheless, devoting decent amount of time into the creation process may bring fruits in the future and result in a high-converting landing page that will significantly improve your business performance and boost your conversions. 


These days, the competition on the digital market is fierce and you won’t get attention once any element of your digital marketing strategy is average. Therefore, try to make your landing page flawless and you will see how many fruits it can bring to your business.