Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2020

It is a dream come true for every business to increase website traffic without spending any amount!

What did I just mention? Without paying anything???

Yes, that is an organic way to get traffic on the website without spending money. It really sounds enticing, and everyone looks forward to gaining the unique and organic users on its website.

Have you ever wondered if it is easier to achieve?

Hmm, no it is not, as there is a huge competition existing in the market out there, and that leaves very few chances for your business to mark its presence on the search engine organically.

But you don’t need to panic!

As there are few techniques apart from the core technical strategies. To help you get a whiff of those strategies and techniques, we have brought this post today. Let’s dig deeper and find out the magic further…


Make content work

Content is the king, and not a single SEO strategy can survive ever without the integration content. If you really want to stand out chances in the organic ranking, then you need to re-visit your content strategy.

Below mentioned are some of the formatting to help you increase the readability of your content.

  • Write quality content
  • Shorter paragraphs
  • Include mixed sentence lengths
  • Sub-headers should be there
  • Add bullet points
  • Keep white space
  • Include images/screenshots


Increase Website Speed

Your site speed can make or break the success parameter for your website. It is an essential part of an organic website ranking. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, then trust me you are making your users grow closer to your competitors. You need to keep a strong check on the number of factors that can slow down the website speed, and you need to work on it.

Worth to mention but boosting page speed not just improves the organic performance; but also increases the conversion rate.

You can achieve this in multiple ways…

  • Remove unnecessary code 
  • Reduce server response time
  • Choose the efficient hosting option 
  • Allow browser caching and content compression
  • Compress images can cut down page size by 30-40%


The website should be designed for Mobile First

Mobile searches are much in demand since we all look forward to compressing our world into our pocket, and conveniently search. Research has confirmed that 79% of smartphone users prefer to make a purchase online using their mobile devices.

Further, the pandemic impact has left everyone looking forward to shopping online. This indicates that the mobile version of the website gets crawled and indexed faster than the desktop version.

Therefore, your website must bring mobile experience as an important factor. This helps in getting a stronger base for the users to access your services through mobile as well.


Topic clusters should be your goal

Google has brought many changes in its algorithm and calling its search ranking strategies user-centric, would not be wrong at all. You need to understand what is the intention of the users, and what they expect from the search result.

It is futile to expect your website rank higher based on keyword-focused content only. But now you have to bring your focus on the context of the post as well. You need to pay attention to what your users are looking for and how your content is going to serve as per their needs.

First and foremost, you must understand your audience type, and create content depending on their preferences.

Ensure to organize content into Clusters, wherein instead of focusing on standalone keywords, your content must be organized into different themes also. 

Don’t pick keywords randomly, but conduct research and then imply them within your content to garner the attention of the search engine, based on the keywords.


Write LONGER but quality content 

It has been observed that longer content brings better backlinks. This results in gaining better rankings and more traffic, but you should not write 2000+ content for every post. Rather you should focus on satisfying your user with the content you write.

If your content fulfills the demand of the users and helps them get the answer for their queries, then there is no harm in writing content that fulfills the need of the hour.

However, there is another cheat code to create long-form content, where you can refresh old content and expand the already existing word limit to 2000 words. In this way, you not just make your old content get optimized, but also it brings you better chances to create quality backlinks.


Food for thought

Indeed, this is the quick rundown of bringing organic traffic on your website, however, you need to focus on two major aspects as well; quality & regular UPDATE. These 2 aspects combined with the above mentioned can make a difference to your website ranking cycle. SEO is rapidly evolving and keeping pace with the trending technology side can help you see a big difference in the website's click-through rate, user engagement, and ever-flourishing ranking.