Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tools For Businesses!

In Search Engine Optimization, keyword research tools assist professionals to recognize catchwords people are using to ascertain information in the search engines. These tools deliver comprehensive SEO information that includes competition, keyword volume, CPC, top-ranking pages, and a lot more for a specific keyword. However, most of the keyword research tools usually paid and are quite costly.

Here is the list of some handpicked Free Keyword Research Tools, which are much better than paid versions:

  1. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tool that aids you to discover more than 100 keywords within a few minutes. This tool provides comprehensive insights associated with your website traffic and all the organic keywords.

Key Features:

  • This tool helps to generate a complete SEO report to acknowledge the competitor's page ranking for keywords.
  • You can find organic keywords from other websites.
  • Ubersuggest helps you to comprehend the backlinks having the most influence on your rankings.
  • You can view competition, search volume, and seasonal trends for every keyword.
  • This tool assists you to produce better content based on the topics that your target audience is interested in.


  1. Answer the Public-

Answer the Public is a keyword generator tool that assists you to get the report with data to illustrate the effectiveness of the campaign. This application works best in the United States, Afghanistan, Australia, and more regions.



Key Features:

  • It can list down 1500 PR keywords globally.
  • This tool offers a comprehensive visualization of the data.
  • You can insert any word in the search textbox, and this tool will automatically show you content suggestions.
  • It promotes various languages including, Polski, English, etc.


  1. Soolve-

Soovle is also a popular keyword research tool that provides suggestion services from Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It recommends the trending keywords classified in alphabetical order.


Key Features:

  • You can quickly shift from one search engine to another.
  • It permits you to customize searching options.
  • You can understand suggestions by executing a search on the given search engine.
  • You can reuse stored items in the future.


  1. InstaKeyword-

InstaKeywords is a unique keyword finding tool that provides you various keyword suggestions. This tool offers a valuable data, which comprises of quantity of searches last month, rivalry score, local search volume, etc.



Key Features:

  • You can export a huge list of keywords in one click.
  • Instakeywords enables you to search for keywords from portable devices like iPads and Android phones.
  • It does not include any graphics or ads.
  • Instakeywords helps you to discover long term keywords.


  1. Google Trends-

Google Trends is an online tool that examines the popularity of top search queries on Google. You can use it to explore various languages and regions. This tool uses graphs to compare the search for inquiries.  



Key Features:

  • You can understand daily search trends and real-time search trends.
  • It offers multiple categories like people, athletes, news, beauty, food, fashion, etc.
  • Google Trends provides you with year-wise statistics.
  • It helps you to understand the concern of other people and compare search rank to each other.


  1. Keyword Tool Dominator-

Keyword Tool Dominator allows you to search for long-tail keywords for your customers, who are searching for you, specifically on eBay and Amazon.



Key Features:

  • It lists down real-time keyword suggestions.
  • You can obtain hundreds of keyword suggestions in a short turnaround. 
  • This tool also allows you to search phrases from single term.
  • This application foretells the result from other people who practice the internet.
  • You can witness the definite most current search terms.


  1. KeySearch

Keysearch is an application that assists you to find suitable, low competition keyword for website or blog. It offers numerous methods to get your import phrases. This tool retrieves keywords suggested by Amazon, Google, and YouTube. You can use this program to get an in-depth keyword competition report.



Key Features:

  • You can explore five keywords per day.
  • It allows you to review the backlink of your website.
  • You can review your web page.
  • This tool permits you to generate reports and notifications to get ranking updates.
  • One can keep track of the website ranking.
  • It automatically updates periodically.


  1. Wordstream

WordStream is an easy tool that allows you to research keywords just by inserting a keyword or website URL. It sources data over the Google keyword research API. This application enables you to filter out the result by the business.



Key Features:

  • It presents a result with a rival(s) score and expected CPC (Cost Per Click)
  • You can also download a keyword list in CSV file format.
  • It permits you to upload a downloaded file within Google Ads.
  • This tool assists you to boost the traffic through online search or paid search advertising.
  • You can simply link your Google Ads account using an authentication protocol securely.


  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an amazing tool for building search network campaigns. It assists you to accept competitive bids and estimates to apply with your organization. This tool suggests keyword opinions and website traffic forecasts.



Key Features:

  • Searching for keywords completely depends on the phrase that is related to the product, service, or website.
  • It offers statistics that assist you to make any conclusion for using a keyword for existing or fresh campaigns.
  • This tool permits you to add phrases, words, and webpage URLs.
  • Google keyword planner provides a list of ordinary monthly searches.


  1. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter permits you to create an inquiry list of the medium/long-tail keywords. To use this tool, you don’t have to sign-in or download to use this tool.



Key Features:

  • It provides opinions for your blogs or article.
  • You can import a long list of keywords in volume.
  • This tool empowers you to copy-paste keywords
  • It reviews Keywords for competition analysis.

In a nutshell, these free-tools are some of the best keyword research tools that will help your business efficiently.