5 Reasons Local SEO is More Important Than SEO

Local SEO is rapidly increasing for businesses everywhere. If your customers are based in specifically identifiable regions as opposed to being based internationally, your company should be focused on local SEO services.


By implementing a concentration on your company’s SEO efforts, the advantages will become obvious in that you will develop strong working relationships with local business vendors, you will receive more customer ratings and reviews and you will develop the ability to directly market to a specific audience.


Each day, more and more businesses enter the digital world in an effort to promote their specific brand. It is, of course, not easy to break into this forum due to heavy competition in the global market.


However, winning at the local level is far easier. Using location-specific keywords that are tailored to the content of your business and its locale will grab the attention of customers who have interest at the precise time they are looking for your services. With the assistance of Houston SEO experts, you can launch your business almost immediately within your local market.


1. Your company will rank higher in search engine results by using local SEO

Local customers utilize Google and other similar search engines as their main method to locate local businesses (like yours). Approximately 50% of all local customers who perform a local search will visit the store they find the same day. As such, your business is more of a face to face business, you may be losing a very large number of views by not employing local SEO in the proper fashion.


2. Local SEO is designed to work for the benefit and on behalf of your customers

Of course, you have a high level of care and concern for your customers and you want their experience to be enjoyable and memorable each and every time. These days, the experience begins when customers first search for your business or store. Most often, that search begins with Google.


By making your customers’ experience convenient and easy, it will draw them to your business. Customers should not have to put in any more effort than is necessary to find your business online. Many businesses assume their customers know their address, but, astonishingly, approximately 71% of people surveyed said they needed to look up the business location before traveling there for the first time.


3. Local search engines and local SEO free sources and methods of advertisement

Utilizing local SEO allows your business to promote your services and products locally to potential customers who are looking for your specific brand via a search engine. You cannot rely on the fact that your proximity to the searcher will land you in the top 3 of the Google search results.


It is imperative that you make a concerted effort to rank higher in the local searches. This effort pays off handsomely because you can then advertise your services and products for free. Once you have begun the local SEO strategy technique, begin by searching for the best keywords that relate to and describe your business.


4. You will close more sales by implementing Local SEO

Approximately 78% of mobile searches performed locally result in a purchase, either online or in-store. Toward that end, if your business does not take a proactive approach, you are hampering your own conversion rates.

Almost every business that uses inbound marketing (this includes local SEO) has realized an increase in their ability to generate leads and about half of those businesses have realized an increase in their conversion rates.


New local customers almost always search online to locate their physician, restaurant or clothing store. If you do not employ a local SEO strategy, you will increase the chances that your competition will close a sale before you do.


5. Customer Reviews

Your business reviews come from local customers on platforms such as Google+, Facebook and Yelp. Google prefers highly-rated businesses when generating local results and you will consistently appear at the top of search results the more local reviews you receive.


Local SEO allows a business to take advantage of its specific market insight. By tailoring your SEO efforts to your audience and utilizing niche keywords, you will improve your chances of connecting directly with customers on a consistent basis.


Seek the advice of Houston SEO experts so that you will attract local audiences. Such service involves the identification of keywords that are location-specific, obtaining G+ authority, the management of B2B relations, and other services that will result in an increase in your local presence and conversion of new leads to closed sales.