Are Your Shopify Facebook Ads Driving Sales?

Shopify Facebook ads not getting sales and conversion

Facebook ads are one of the best ways to advertise your product and increase your business sales. But there can be some problems and your Facebook ads might be failing in driving sales. If this is the case then all you need to figure out is the problems and the things that your ads are lacking because of which your ads aren’t able to drive sales.


Your ads aren’t eye-pleasing 

Your Facebook Ads aren't driving sales because your ads aren’t eye-pleasing and attractive. The success of your ad and the chances that it will drive the sales depends a lot on how it looks. So make sure that your ads are good looking so that it will catch people’s eye which will drive more sales. You can make it eye-catching by adding an image to it so that people will find it more interesting and informative.

You are targeting the wrong audience

Your Facebook ads aren’t driving any sales because you are targeting the wrong audience. When you are using Facebook ads you don’t have to target every single person here. You just have to find out your people who will be interested in your product and will buy it. For targeting the right audience it is necessary that you know about them and educates yourself about them like about their gender, income, quirks, characteristics, location etc. The more you know about them the more accurately you will be able to target them.

You aren’t using social proof tools

Your Facebook Ads aren't driving sales because you aren’t using social proof tools. Use social proof tools to get more sales. Social Proof Tools are the new age tools used for Social Poof Marketing. Social proof plays an important role in sales and conversion.

There are a lot of social proof tools but the best is Fizfy Social Proof Notification tool. It is the most popular social Proof tool. It allows you to use 40+ powerful widgets which you can use for convert your visitors into customers. 

Your ad isn’t connected to the landing page

Your Facebook Ad isn’t driving any sales because your ad isn’t connected properly to your landing page. One of the many reasons that your ad serves is to connect people directly to your website but if it isn’t connected properly then it would be bad for you. So make sure that everything is right.