Top 5 Awesome Content Marketing Platforms to Check Out in 2021 is good

We are living in an era of technological advancement. Almost everything can be done more easily and effortlessly with the continuous improvement of existing technology and the introduction of new ones. Similarly, the world of marketing has also undergone a technical revolution.


Marketer's ability to serve content directly to audiences had increased vastly over the last two decades. Some digital platforms have changed the marketing landscape dramatically. Marketers can now deliver targeted messages, buy media programmatically, and automate distributions through these digital marketing platforms which provide various kinds of services.

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Nowadays content marketing has become an independent industry that augments and assists marketer's efforts to sell and promote their brands. This type of digital marketing promotes your brand by adding value to people’s lives. It is done by sharing educational and entertaining content so as to inspire a purchase decision among the people which is in their best interest.

Traditional marketing tools like spreadsheets and emails are still used by many marketers to manage their marketing, these are manual tools that are now inefficient and slows down marketing operations. This is where Content Marketing Platforms(CMP) come in handy.

A Content Marketing Platform is software that makes it easier for organizations to manage their arduous marketing operations by streamlining it from beginning to end. From planning and briefing to collaborations and approvals. These platforms help to ensure that the content which gets targeted, served, and optimized in the distribution phase of their process is meaningful, engaging,on-brand, and compliant.

Let's explore the 5 best content marketing platforms for 2021 :


1. is a visual platform that helps you organize your content by publishing date. Here, you can easily assign writers and designers to every particular post. will help you organize and execute your digital marketing services and strategy effectively. is easy to use and its user interface helps your team get started without any real training. The workflow can be customized, thanks to the availability of 200+ templates. Data presentation can be done in various ways depending on your plan. The plans include kanban, calendar, form, etc. can be easily integrated with your other apps like Gmail and outlook. With its features, you can easily boost your workflow. There are various plan options available and you can choose the one best suited for you.


2. SEMrush

In this content marketing platform, you can control your workflow from the advent of an idea to its final product. This digital marketing platform lets you plan and create your articles according to your viewer's needs.


SEMrush will help you create a content plan of great SEO potential suggesting trending topics and headlines. It has certain features that let you manage an editorial calendar and share it with your team members in order to keep track of progress and deadlines.


With the help of SEMrush, you can also analyse your content posted on third party websites and also your guest posts. Based on the analysis it will help you find backlinks and promotional opportunities.


3. StoryChief

StoryChief is a platform that lets you create interaction based content over multiple platforms at the same time. Meaning, you can post an article on WordPress, Shopify, and social media all at the same time.


It also allows team members to review each other's work. This feature comes in handy if the team believes in collaborative work. You can also view the success rates of the SEO keywords used in an article. Also, it has a simple and user-friendly design which makes it easier to use.


Here, the plans are based on the number of articles you want to publish in a month and the features you will need. The free trial is also available.


4. Hubspot.

Hubspot is a marketing tool that lets you manage your sales and customer services easily. It has a dedicated Marketing hub and a sales hub. The marketing hub helps you create content for your consumers while the sales hub lets you manage your customers and helps in increasing sales.


The marketing hub of the website provides you with SEO tools that can be integrated into your current website. You can also choose to create a new website at Hubspot.


The sales hub on the other hand helps you to reach more customers and manage them well. It has various customer service options such as calls and emails. More tools like Todo list, appointments, notifications for future calls are available.


5. Scribblelive

ScribbleLive is a  cloud supplier that permits organizations to deal with the lifecycle of their substance – from ideation to arranging, creation, disseminating, and estimation – across the purchaser's excursion. It is an across the board SaaS framework focused on advertisers that join prescient examinations with content arranging, creation, and dissemination advancements to convey upgraded business results.


The product allows you to make premium visual, video, and intuitive substance. It permits you to distribute in various channels, tracks changes and has a web-based media chief. It likewise allows you to design your substance the executives technique with an article schedule and obliges live distributing, making it incredible for advancing live occasions and in-setting commitment.