5 Best Blogger Outreach Strategies To Follow In 2021

Have you ever wondered how blogging experts manage to beat all odds and stay afloat even when there is so much competition? The best bloggers continue to use strategies that make their content stand out. This may mean doing things differently than the rest to ensure no one ignores your content. Unfortunately, not everyone can expertly deliver such results for their blogs. Hence, hiring seasoned professionals to help you apply unique strategies that guarantee success.


Below are some of the outreach goals that will make your blog achieve its goals in 2021.

1. Focus on Relationship Creation as opposed to Links

Anyone that is starting this journey should consider hiring blogger outreach services. The first thing these experts will do is to ensure that your relationships as a business are perfect. Experts understand that link building and focusing on social media shares is not how you start your blogger outreach journey. Instead, focus on attracting the bloggers and having a unique relationship with them.


It is even more essential to concentrate on having a good relationship if you intend to have a great long term. For instance, when you focus on other bloggers, even the newbies, chances are that you will attract more people on your end, and they will undoubtedly reciprocate your gesture. This is the easiest way to make yourself more famous and gain the attention you want. Don't be too selective when using other blogger links. Guest blogging can help you build this relationship with ease.

2. Start with Giving as It Attracts Getting

Sadly, most bloggers only want to be on the receiving end, which is why they never amount to anything. However, those who focus on giving more tend to open doors for themselves. When you come across as a giver, more links and exposure automatically come your way. Any online business that focuses on giving out more will undoubtedly succeed compared to those whose focus is on receiving only. Make the smart choice and adjust your priorities. Go-givers do not work so hard to attract the right links.

3.  Have a Solid Approach that You Follow

Any strategy that works fast enough must be not only sound but also reliable. It needs to be a strategy that can stand the test of time without being shaken. So how do you achieve this? Below are a few tips that work in ensuring that you get the most out of your blogger outreach strategy.


  • Focus on understanding the need - It is essential to know what other bloggers and online marketers will deliver precisely what they need.
  • Have goals - Make sure to set realistic goals that ensure you get links from authority sites. No one attracts the right bloggers and marketers without having a clear plan in mind.
  • Your mind should be on finding relevant bloggers - This means that your target should be to reach out to bloggers in your niche and expertise. If you are from the fitness industry, the bloggers you should focus on are those interested in the same subject instead of those in the real estate industry. You must align your goals for this to work correctly.
  • Always track and measure results - This means that you should focus on tracking your results. Make sure to check your progress periodically. It does not make sense to keep trying to use one strategy for ages without any success. Watch out for signs of improvement and adjust accordingly.

You need to be aware of your return on investment strategy. It is essential to know the amount of money you are spending on the outreach strategies vs. the gains and benefits attached to them. When a strategy works, you are not wasting resources and even investing more to boost the results. Never scale up the outreach campaigns without assessing and appreciating the gains.

4.   Create Personalized Emails Regularly

One such way to make progress in the industry is to focus on reaching out to bloggers individually. Make sure to draft personalized emails and send them to famous bloggers and influencers in your niche. Make sure that the email is unique and personalized if you want the target audience to reach.


Using generic emails will not attract anyone but may go to the spam section immediately. Show the influencer that you took the time to draft a message and be interested in their career. It will not be surprising if the blogger reaches out. Make sure your email is short and precise. It helps if you urge the influencer or blogger to check out your post.


Don't be in a hurry to ask them to link back to your content. Leave that choice to them. If your blog's information is super useful, they are likely to link back and share it with their followers, which is what you are aiming at. Make sure to be smart and strategic about everything you do.

5. Create a List of Relevant Bloggers to Network With

Not every blogger is worth reaching out to. It would help if you understood that it does not matter how huge their following is because they will not be useful to you if they are not a great match. You want to work with people who are responsive and in your niche.


This may mean engaging yourself in some research work to discover what works and what doesn't. Check to see which people support others by sharing links and commenting on posts. Some bloggers are known to ignore others. Such influencers will not help your brand much and should be avoided. Channel your resources to responsive individuals who appreciate the work of others in the industry. It will be much more comfortable connecting with them and building a meaningful relationship that will lead to easy sharing of links and content, which is what you want.

Final Thoughts

Succeeding as a business takes a lot of work and focus on the right channels. Blogger outreach is one such way. However, it would help if you did it right for it to work. For instance, avoid making common mistakes such as thinking that it is only about you or failing to track emails. Some even go as far as using generic mails and failing to be personal. Research failure, follow up, or reaching out to the wrong people only means that the strategy will not work. Make sure to know what works before applying it.