10 Effective Amazon Sales Rank Strategies in 2021 That FBA Sellers Should Know

Managing an Amazon business can weigh down on FBA sellers if they have no clue about what they need to do to sell their stocks. Online selling isn't just about acquiring supplies, putting your offerings up on Amazon, and magically waking up to an enormous quantity of buyers. Unfortunately, sales do not happen overnight. 


When factors such as money, time, and effort are involved, you've got to make intelligent choices and skip the trial-and-error gamble. Luckily for you, we've gathered the knowledge and techniques that you can apply to your Amazon business' sales ranking strategies. If you've had enough of waiting for potential customers to notice your brand, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to enhance your business.


This article will discuss how Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) operates, how you can retarget your advertisements to capture your target market, how you can enhance customer experience, and the ten effective Amazon sales rank strategies FBA sellers can apply this 2021.

How FBA Works

An FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon business model focuses on housing items in one of the many designated fulfillment centers of Amazon. Aside from that, they also look into where they will first be manufactured, taken care of, and shipped upon payment confirmation. This structure provides sellers with convenient perks like:


  • An opportunity to choose the products that they would like to sell
  • Where and whom they can entrust to supply their goods or merchandise
  • How the process of ordering products from their shop operates
  • How their items should be packaged, shipped, and delivered accordingly


The flow is simple: Amazon receives a list of your products and stores them in their warehouse. As soon as they receive information about a confirmed payment order, the Amazon FBA team will immediately pack, ship, and track the parcel's location. These features show that FBA offers comfort for both the online seller and the client. Aside from that, tasks such as returns and refunds will be taken care of.


Although these services seem promising, it is still crucial to check their pros and cons. Some of the matters that need to be looked into are: Amazon's FBA’s additional charges from its 24/7 customer service, local and international shipping fees, unlimited storage capacity, and access to global fulfillment networking. Given this data, we can now look into how online sellers should retarget their campaigns after partnering with an FBA team.

Retargeting and the Market

Marketing has a broad scope in the business world. It includes the digital marketing umbrella which has branches like search engine optimization (SEO), paid media, social media marketing, and digital content marketing. Carrying out an effective digital marketing campaign involves comprehending these elements mentioned and how you can effectively combine, apply, and implement them.


One of the matters that you must learn is retargeting your market. Using this strategy, you develop retargeting advertisements that play a crucial role in generating leads, brand visibility, and established relationships with the target consumers. 


When we say 'retargeting,' we are talking about a form of online targeted advertising in the marketing landscape. It is a tactic that concentrates on reaching possible customers who have already visited your website or social media pages. This premise is where 'cookies' come into play. When they agree to receive this data, they let you reach them through other forms of advertisements across the internet. The advertisements may manifest in social media banners, Google sponsored ads, Amazon suggested brands and pop-up windows.


The logic behind this is that once you search for a particular item once, chances are that you'll see it again but on different channels, browsers, and pages. There are two kinds of retargeting ads: dynamic or static. Static retargeting ads showcase the same (or similar format of) advertisements. The only difference is that you have viewed it before except on a different website. In contrast, dynamic retargeting ads are personalized versions anchored on the consumer.


Retargeting campaigns are practical tools to remind your customers of your brand's presence. The next thing you need is to reflect on why it is done and when it is best to retarget. 


Learn more about retargeting in marketing to create more successful ads. 

Enhancing Customer Experience

A well-outlined and exceptionally implemented customer experience has done wonders for countless companies in 2020. Professional FBA sellers know how important it is to communicate effectively. What people say about your brand has more impact than what you think it merely does. The higher your customer satisfaction rating, the more likely you will be trusted by the general public.


An improved consumer lifetime value should be treated with high regard, especially in an online platform where relevant information is sought. Brand success comes from radically transforming your brand with the pleasing accompaniment from 'word-of-mouth.' Clients won't believe the credibility of your merchandise unless someone shares a narrative of product and service satisfaction.


In simple terms, the online experience is what customers encounter before, during, or after transacting with your business. This can be a type of brand-specific communication or online communication, both within the scope of marketing communication. When you can spot issues, fix arising issues, and impress your clients, you'll get extremely high ratings.


Obtaining a functional customer experience program requires a structured action plan. There are three primary steps to improve your business' digital customer experience:

1. Grasp your consumer’s behavior

  • This is the first thing you must do to have a clear-cut understanding and accurate way to resolve problems and relate to your customers.
  • Part of learning your consumer's behavior is by considering their demographics. You may disseminate a survey to collect data.
  • Don't just wait for a complaint. Promptly try to determine their expectations and interests so that you can already set the bar high with customer service.


2. Make self-service options available

  • 40% of customers today prefer to navigate a website on their own instead of consulting via live chats or getting in touch with an agent.
  • New-age customers are identified as highly self-sufficient and want to make more independent decisions regarding online purchasing matters.
  • While personal consultations are preferred by some, most clients would rather consult with a chatbot, automated facilities, and other self-service features that immediately answer their queries.


3. Offer a streamlined customer experience

  • Customer return increases to 89% when brands and businesses provide a consistent online consumer experience.
  • Based on the Harvard Business Review, 73% of the customers use at least one or more channels while buying from your store.
  • There has been a shift in what customers would like to use when they follow specific brands across various channels.

Amazon Sales Rank Strategies

Combining what you already know of FBA, retargeting campaigns, and improving customer experiences, there are even more strategies that you can incorporate into your Amazon business. Keep in mind that an increase in business rankings correlates to increased sales. Here are ten tips that we've gathered:


1. Take the time to respond to customer reviews: This is visible to the public. When others can see how fast and reliable your brand is, it is more likely to get attention and rank higher.


2. Upload high-quality photos and videos to present your products: On Amazon, the standard for images is 1,000 x 1,000 pixels. Amazon recommends this so that buyers can zoom in and see your merchandise up close. It provides your viewers with the opportunity to compare your items with the product description.


3. Offer your products or goods in bundles, packages, and deals: When customers feel that they are buying something worth their money, ranking up becomes easier. To make this happen, offer inclusive items and seasonal discounts.


4. Complete every single field of your product listing: Thoroughly think of what you will offer and make it as detailed as possible. List the description using bullet points to make it easier for your customers to comprehend.. Remember that the longer they spend on your listing, the more it shows Amazon how interested they are with your products.


5. Construct a catchy and optimized product title: This will increase your chances to convert visitors into loyal customers. Your title should not exceed 200 characters and must have keywords in it.


6. Use guides for Amazon SEO: It would add value to your business to have a background on keyword usage, PPC, and redirecting traffic. Ranking is one of the backbones of SEO.


7. Invest in digital marketing:To get more sales on your Amazon business, you can use social media networking sites. This will establish a relationship with your potential buyers. Through a thoroughly fleshed out social media profile, you can redirect traffic to your Amazon store and build brand awareness.


8. Have precise specifications on the product descriptions: This refers to the size, shipping weight, color, dimensions, and model. You need to be diligent about this because you need to ensure that customers get what they see.


9. Provide search terms and a category with subcategories: When you set up your product listings, they should be classified in terms of their relevance. They should also conform to the character limit by specifying the search terms you would associate with your products. Google Keyword Planner is widely accessible for this purpose.


10. Increase the order processing speed and in-stock rate: Avoid keeping out-of-stock product listings or using slow shipping services. Have a proper inventory management system and pair up with an excellent FBA service provider.


Did you learn anything new about Amazon sales rank strategies? Let us know how you feel about this article by sharing your insights in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!