How Linkable Assets Acquire High-Quality Links & How To Make Your Own

You’ve probably heard of backlinks or a backlink strategy. This is where you implement a link-sharing strategy that digitally connects you with other reputable online sources. It often looks like a give and take, you post for me and I’ll post for you.

In terms of SEO and search engine results page rankings, these backlinks show the algorithm that you’re a trustworthy site. It’s proof that your content has been validated and is valued.

A linkable asset operates on the same principle but on a much larger, more long-term scale. It’s a deeply relevant, precision resource that serves as a point of reference for your target audience or industry.

It’s the tool everyone uses. It’s the study everyone references. It’s the tutorial everyone shares. It’s the infographic that goes viral. It’s the video that reaches far more eyeballs than your average content.

How Linkable Assets Help Your SEO

There was a survey conducted of over 1,500 SEO professionals who reported that the second most important factor for search engine results page rankings was the quality of linking sites and pages. The relevance of on-page content took first place in their estimation[1]


A likable asset drives organic, intention-based searches to your site and your other offers. It’s a brand exposure and credibility-building tool for online businesses.


Amassing links from industry partners and other reputable websites serve as a digital endorsement of your website and your brand. It tells the search engine bots you’re a reliable resource and that your content is legitimate.

Definition of A Linkable Asset

What happens when you create a resource that is incredibly sharable and extremely effective and deploy it online in as many places as possible? You end up with a linkable asset that is more than a good piece of content, it’s a valuable resource the internet references over and over.


It provides a targeted solution for a specific problem through a unique or new medium. It could take an out-of-the-box perspective or concept and bolster an existing resource or framework. It will present detailed information in a rapid-fire, easily digestible format.


It could be a digital recipe that moves the reader from point A to point B. Above all, it must be acutely relevant to the intended audience and should make an instant connection.


A linkable asset is typically designed to capture cold or lukewarm prospects at the top of the sales funnel. The most successful assets are made up of evergreen content that can be updated as times change but will always be relevant.

What A Linkable Asset Is NOT

A linkable asset is created to drive the reader to a place of better understanding of a topic that is uniquely relevant. It does not fall into the promotional category nor is it intended to sell your products.


It’s not basic or theoretical content that’s often gated in order to build an email list. And it has nothing to do with your product information that ends up as just a list of features.

Make Your Own Linkable Asset

Your asset can take any form but it’s best to survey your target market or ask existing customers what format they prefer. Whatever format you choose, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Detailed Tutorial

What obstacle or challenge often faces someone at the top of your sales funnel? What’s a highly-specific skill that these prospects don’t have but could be taught?

Write a long-form article that expounds on all the minutia related to a problem and the step-by-step solution.

Charts and Infographics

Use Canva or InDesign to create a visually driven asset in an easily digestible format. It should break down complex data or processes so it’s easy to process and understand.

Video Tutorials

Film a video presentation of complicated strategies and break them down into manageable, actionable steps. Create an over-the-shoulder style video with screen recording software like Loom to walk your audience through a complex process that is a common roadblock.

Create An Online Tool, Calculator, or Template

Develop an interactive tool that solves a real problem for your target market. Something extremely practical that makes their processes easier and removes stress from their operation.

Conduct A Relevant Study

What information and statistics would be relevant to your niche? Call in all of your contacts and resources, conduct your own research, and present your findings in an impactful format. Or reverse engineer an existing study by finding one that’s outdated and recreating it.

Create Your Own Awards Ceremony

It doesn’t have to be the Oscars to get attention to be relevant. What software, tools, vendors, venues, or resources are relevant to your audience? Evaluate each one and give them a ranking.


Discuss their overall effectiveness, price range, and usage reliability. Use your findings to determine the winners. This is a great way to remove decision fatigue from your prospects by offering this done-for-you research packet.

How To Share Your Linkable Asset

In order for your new asset to work, it has to be shared and promoted! Upload it on your website and get your link ready.

Leverage Social Media

Use your existing social media audience of any relevant groups to share your resource. Host collaborative events with industry partners to get the word out and collect new followers.


Find relevant websites and platforms that would be a good fit for your asset. Expound on the benefits, not the features, and what makes this resource valuable for your mutual audience.

Paid Ads

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube are all platforms that will take your money in exchange for promoting your asset. Don’t take any chances, get your resource in front of as many eyeballs as possible with paid ads.


Deploy Your Linkable Asset and Acquire High-Quality Links

This is a tool you create once and watch the links and exposure roll in over time. It’s a long-term strategy that will continue to enhance your brand authority and online credibility with both people and crawlers.