How to Write an SEO Optimized URL Structure?

It has three main components; protocol, domain name, and path. The general URL structure depends on the unique requirements of the site. To optimize your URL, you should hire a seo company in Gurgaon that offer SEO services in India. It will help improve your website ranking. In this article, you will learn how to create an SEO-optimized URL.

Learn how to write SEO-optimized URLs.


1). It should match the name of your page.

You should first look for whether the page name matches your URL. If your URL matches the name of your page, it is relevant, readable, and interesting for users. In addition, it allows easy sharing on social networks.


2). Do not use special characters in the URL

You should not use square brackets or backslashes in the URL. These are sometimes called dangerous characters and should not be part of a URL. Similarly, you must include other special characters in the URL, such as colons, semicolons, or commas.


3). Keep your URL simple and short

If you look at some of the best business URLs created by a highly professional SEO company, you will find them short and sharp. This is because long URLs confuse web crawlers. So, if you keep your website URL short, you have a better chance of ranking higher.


4). Unsolicited underlining in favor of a hyphen

You should separate words in a URL with a hyphen to make it more readable for users such as web crawlers. You should never use an underscore to separate words because, according to Google's algorithm, an underscore is considered a combination of words.


5). Do not add any additional information

Professionals like those who offer SEO services in India never add too much information to the URL. They want to keep the URL simple.

  • Long URLs are shortened in search results.
  • Long URLs deter visitors.

6). Use keywords

If you assign a URL to your page title, you will automatically get keywords because page titles naturally contain keywords. If you want to change the keyword in your current URL, you will need to do some research to find the right keyword that represents the topic of your website. A keyword-optimized URL is essential for your website to rank highly.


URL optimization requires expert-level domain knowledge, for which you can avail of the services of SEO companies in India. This ensures that you get high-quality results at the most competitive prices. If you're just trying to update your URL, follow the steps here to get good results.