How to Use an Online Employment Test to Choose an SEO expert

Today, boosting organic traffic and developing a business depend on SEO or search engine optimization. If you do it right when your target audience searches for keywords related to your business, your website will appear on the first page of google.

Many businesses need to figure out where to start, so they hire a professional SEO expert. But hiring the right expert can be challenging. An SEO expert will help boost your traffic, and you will have more free time to concentrate on the more essential things in your business.

The SEO test is precious in this selection process. It can evaluate the knowledge and skills of candidates in optimizing a website. SEO skills, such as SEO auditing a website and researching keywords, are crucial for an SEO specialist.

So you can use an exciting tool in the hiring process, which we’ll talk about in this article. In practice, candidates will show their skills. And SEO testing is how you will recognize who is the qualified and deserved candidate to join your team

Process of selecting an SEO specialist

An SEO expert should know how to improve a site's ranking, always keeping an eye on the user experience and preparing SEO reports. Here are some steps you need to take to choose an SEO expert.

Build a perfect Candidate Profile?

To find the best person for the job, you need to understand the role include. You can work with hiring managers to define the roles, their aims, and the skills required.

Write A Job Description Based On Skills

When you understand the needs for the role, you also need to comprehend the skills for success. You should write a practical job description. Advertise the position so SEO experts will be notified about this SEO service.

Research the best candidates

Study the job applications and find people with the skills and experience needed in your SEO job description. Ask the candidate to provide references to clients they have worked with before. Some testimonies will help you approve their abilities.

Evaluate your candidates by online testing tools

There are many online employment testing tools that you can use to evaluate your candidate’s skills. The test can cover different SEO areas based on your job description needs.

Interview top candidates

Contact the selected candidate and send an interview with them. Write your questions before and during the interview, and pay attention to the questions the candidate asks. A good SEO expert will be interested in understanding your business by asking relevant questions.

Online hiring test tools for hiring an SEO specialist

You can use many online pre-employment assessment websites to evaluate your candidate's SEO skills. Some of these websites are as below:


This platform has one of the best online employment tests, which can help you to choose a qualified SEO professional. Candidates can take multiple assessments in WeTest, such as SEO tests, Html, CSS, and content writing to showcase their skill level.


This SEO assessment test assess a candidate's ability to perform site audits, develop a content strategy and conduct link-building procedures. The MCQ questions evaluate their ability to use tools like Google search console, keyword research, and understand On-page and Off-page SEO analysis.


This online platform assesses applicant’s different SEO skills such as Search Engine, On-Page SEO, Keyword Search, Competitive Analysis, website optimization, social bookmarking, local listings, backlinking, ahrefs, moz, google keyword planner, VWO, etc


This test will evaluate Digital Marketing performance, Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends, Bid Management Tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript Development, A/B, and Multivariate Experiments.


With this online SEO test, recruiters and hiring managers can quickly evaluate candidates’ Search Engine Optimization skills before the interview. The test helps hire SEO Experts, SEO Specialists, SEO Consultants, SEO Analysts, and SEO Executives.


This professional search engine optimization (SEO) test assesses candidates’ skills in analyzing and improving a website’s ranking in search engines. This test will allow recruiters to hire technical SEO experts who can put your site on google's first page. 

Online tests to use for hiring an SEO specialist

If candidates are qualified enough, you can take an online pre-employment test from them to evaluate their SEO skills. Since SEO is a broad field, you might wonder what questions to ask candidates to understand their knowledge better.

Below are some examples you can consider for the SET test. Don’t forget it is vital to set up the test according to your goals and focus on the skills needed for the job.


The aim is to evaluate whether the candidate knows how the search engine works, how to identify and correct problems preventing indexing, and how to develop Google’s understanding of pages. Some questions you can consider are as below:

  • What is the role of heading tags in SEO?
  • Why isn’t the site appearing in the Google ranking? How would you fix this problem?
  • How does the site use structured data? Why is it important?


You should explore if the candidate understands the importance of content for an SEO strategy and knows how to apply the best method. Job applicants should know how Google works, which means getting rid of poor-quality content from search results.  Some questions you can consider are as below:

  • How would you do keyword research for a blog? Why is this procedure necessary?
  • What is latent semantic indexing (LSI)?
  • What are the proper guidelines for creating a meta description?


Authority building is necessary for website optimization, which depends on the quality of the content, and is about the relationships with other SEO sites. Google evaluates the structure of links between web pages to understand the top recommendations for users.  Some questions you can consider in this field are as below:

  • Is this site suitable for a link-building strategy for our company?
  • Why is it important to diversify backlink anchor texts for a website?
  • What is the function of the Nofollow attribute on backlinks?


Every SEO specialist should know that the highest priority of Google. SEO strategy is about the quality of the search experience, from the search engine results page to the process of an e-commerce purchase.  Some questions you can consider in this field are as below:

  • Does this site offer an excellent mobile experience?
  • Why does Google consider loading speed as a ranking factor?
  • What steps would you take to improve the visitor experience of this site?


It’s exciting to work with SEO online testing tools as one of your alternatives, along with analyzing resumes, interviews, or other tools you can use. Depending on what you need, social experiences and skills, for example, might be more critical than technical knowledge. And using assessment tests can only be done after understanding your required skills and requirements for the SEO role.

Choosing an SEO expert should include different hiring and selection tools. The SEO test is an excellent choice in the selection process, as it verifies the knowledge and skills candidates need for the job.

That is not possible by only reviewing resumes and having interviews. It is crucial to line it up with your goals so that it will cover the job requirements and helps you recruit the right SEO professionals.