The Benefits and Challenges of SEO Freelancing as an Entrepreneur

In the beginning, SEO freelancing may sound quite challenging because of multiple factors. When you plan to quit a full-time in-house job and start an entrepreneurial adventure, the path isn’t easy. But, if you’re experienced and well-determined, the journey will surely be fulfilling.

In this post, we will tell you about SEO freelancing entrepreneurship, both its pros and cons. So, if you’re still wondering whether SEO freelancing would be right for you, here you go! Scroll down to know all the benefits and challenges before you decide.

The Benefits of SEO Freelancing as an Entrepreneur

Below are the benefits of SEO freelancing as an entrepreneur that you must consider while deciding.

1.   Lower Starting Capital

The starting capital of SEO freelancing is comparatively lower than launching an SEO company. To become a freelance SEO entrepreneur, you need to invest in keyword research tools, link analysis tools, web crawling tools, accounting software, time tracking tools, Google Analytics, etc. Covering the overall cost won’t be hectic as you can start with your client’s investment.

2.  Direct Contact with Clients

One of the biggest advantages of freelancing as an SEO expert is that you can directly work with your clients. Hence, it’s easier to understand what your clients want and deliver the best results depending on their needs. Though it can be challenging to communicate with your clients regularly, the final result will be rewarding.

3.   Flexible Work Hours

Another great advantage of freelancing is that you can maintain your work schedule at your convenience. Whether you prefer to work 9-5, you can manage your tasks by creating a new work schedule. However, maintaining this schedule can be challenging at times, but if you remain strongly determined, you’ll be able to be on track for sure.

4.   Full Control

While working in an SEO company as a team, there could be disputes or disagreements over some ideas or decisions. Sometimes, you may have to work on a project you completely disagree with. But on the other hand, freelancing allows you complete control over your decisions. As a freelance SEO entrepreneur, you can choose your projects and goals.

5.  Rapid Salary Growth

Revenue growth depends upon many factors, such as experience in the industry and so on. But, there is a high scope of rapid salary growth when working as a freelancer SEO expert. As you can directly work with your clients, you can share your expectations and meet them. But, when working in a company, the pace of raises and promotions will be comparatively slower.

6.  Unlimited Career Growth

Working in a company means you must depend on your seniors regarding career growth. You have to work hard to get a good assessment and career promotion. But, if you choose to work independently as an SEO freelancer, the opportunity for your career growth is higher. You can completely focus on your career goals and achieve the same without depending on others.

The Challenges of SEO Freelancing as an Enterpreuner

So, is SEO freelancing as an enterpreuner that easy? Unfortunately, no. You need to be aware of some challenges before planning ahead.

1.   No Sick Leave

Working as a freelancer SEO expert could also mean you have to work 24*7 sometimes. And the worst part is that there’s no sick leave. But you’ll be doing what you love.

2.   Isolation

Working from home as an SEO freelancer can make you feel all alone and isolated from the outer world. So, keep in touch with your friends and colleagues to motivate yourself.

3.  Responsibility

Another concern for starting a freelancing career is that the whole responsibility for your success and failures will be upon you. But, at the same time, you’ll learn all aspects of SEO entrepreneurship.

4.   Irregular Income

The number of projects you get will determine your income in freelancing. And so, irregularity can be a real problem. But you can avoid it if you remain focused and grow a strong network.


For SEO freelancing entrepreneurs, there are several hardships and challenges. But, if you know how to overcome them, success will be on your way.