5 Natural Optimization Tips for Top ranking in Google

The recent google update has left many people in dark. More than 70% of sites have lost their top positions ranking in Google. Some of my clients have lost the ranking and some of them are still ranking top for many keywords. This article explains, how to re-gain or how to improve your website ranking in Google. The below rules also applies to other search engines. I am sharing few tips with you. I have tried to keep this article as simple as possible. The information mentioned below is to the best of my knowledge and I assure you that it's an ethical one. You can safely use the below techniques to improve you site performance.

1. Regular Updates : It's a fact that a site will have an advantage in placement, if the web pages are updated daily or at regular intervals. Most of the major search engines prefer to give importance to sites, which updated its contents at regular intervals. So What does it mean to you ? And how can you benefit from it ?
1. Make sure that you spend some time daily on your website.
2. Update your web pages at regular intervals.
3. Make sure that your contact details and email id is correct
4. Make sure that your feedback form and consultation form is working correctly. Fill it and test it.
5. Spell check your web pages, read it and make sure that your web copy sounds professional and free from errors.
6. Add new pages related to your products and services.
7. Check your site from broken links.
8. Keep your site fresh and up to date.

Do not use tiny font, hidden comments filled with keywords, hidden links & hidden text etc. If you use these spamming techniques, you will never know, when you are blacklisted.
2. Do not develop doorway pages/ bridge pages / gateway pages, re-directing pages or machine generated pages solely for higher ranking. These techniques will degrade your website and you will be backfired.
3. Do not include yourself in mass mailing, it will only bring bad name to your company.

2. Get into Dmoz and Yahoo Getting into Dmoz and Yahoo will make sure that you will get indexed in Google. Dmoz and Yahoo are two important directories. Before you submit your site to Google, make sure that you get listed in Dmoz and Yahoo. Yahoo charges 299$ per year for a commercial site to get listed in its directory. If you would like to know more about Yahoo listing, then please visit :http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com/Yahoo_listing.htm Quick Tip : An incoming link from Yahoo and Dmoz directory is worth 1000 links from other sites. I always recommend my clients to get listed in Yahoo. If you can afford 299$ a year, then go ahead and do it.

3. Tips Zeus Users : Link popularity ( Incoming links from other sites ) has become an important factor in determining a site placement. An optimized site with good link popularity will always rank higher as compared to others. I use Zeus for most of my clients to increase link popularity. Quick Tips : Most of the Zeus users know, how many incoming links they need to outrank their competition. If you target link popularity is 100 make sure that you always collect more than that, say 125. Once you achieve the desired link popularity for your website, Stop using Zeus and fine tune all the links page. Add more text content to all links page. For ex : If you have a "Web designing" category in your links directory, make sure that you write an article of 500 words in that page. Make sure that all the links pages are rich with relevant content. To get an complete idea, please visit : http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com/links/webdesign.html Do not create / use Zeus just for collecting links or to increase link popularity.

4. Express submission on Tight budget : Most of my clients say that, they have a very tight budget and they want to minimize the investment on Web promotion campaign. Its very important that we submit most important pages of an website to major search engines and directories.
1. Make sure that your entire product and service pages are rich with text content.
2. All the pages should have a good optimized meta tags. ( Do not use keyword tag. )
3. Express submit your important pages to Altavista, Inktomi and FAST. ( This is what I do for my clients. )
4. Update your important pages at regular intervals.
5. Restoring your Google ranking : The last google update has kept me awake most of the nights. Few clients of mine lost top ranking and few remained top. It took time to realize what went wrong. After spending countless hours in discussion forums and reading various articles. I was able to figure out few things or few ways to restore the lost google ranking.

1. 70% of sites, which are highly optimized for search engines, have lost their ranking in google.
2. If possible de-optimize your website, Remove hidden links, doorway pages, h1 to h6 tags, remove comments tags with keyword, Remove unwanted anchor links.
3. Use < b> paragraph and bold instead of h1 tags.
4. Remove keyword tag from meta tag, Make sure your title and description have very important keyword phrases presented into it. 5. Updated your pages as frequently as possible.
6. Develop new pages rich with content and sprinkle important keyword and phrases in body.
7. Do not use any spamming techniques/ tricks to promote your website. Free Tools and resources for your website : Free Meta tag Generator : http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com/meta_tag_generator.htm Free Submit your site to 40+ serach engines : http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com/submitit/sitesubmitter.cgi Free ranking report : http://www.website-promotion-ranking-services.com/search_engine_ranker.htm