9 free ways to grow your list

Have you advertised and got no results?

As a beginner, I was flat broke! So I sweated day and night, cranking out heaps of free ads for my website.

Because classified ads worked in the print media, I thought that with 87 free classifieds on the Internet, business would boom! So I waited. How wrong I was!

You could once rely on free classified ads to bring you money. But today, for the work you have to put in, it's just not worth it.

There are better ways. Why don't you try these?:

1. Discussion boards

Where people openly discuss a chosen topic, places like Egroups or Topica, you can join in the discussion and get known as an expert.

This can be effective.

2. Your signature file

At the end of your emails place a 5-6 line message promoting something free.

Make it enticing. Make people WANT to join your offer.

3. Swapping ads

Compile a list of other writers with ezines relating to your market or subject.

You can go to BizPromo Ezine Trade Board to get started.

Email the publishers and tell them you'll publish one of their ads in your ezine, if they would include yours in their ezine.

4. Demo eBook submission

You submit a trial version of your eBook, to shareware sites. Some chapters are not enabled. People download the demo then buy your complete book if they like it.

Remember to give the shareware sites the URL of your home page for listing.

5. Joint ventures

You contact the owners of large lists. Offer to pay them a generous commission , say 40% or 50%, if they'll send an endorsement out to their lists.

This is an instant traffic generator.

Type in "opt-in lists" in Google or any other search engine.

6. Exchange links

Arrange reciprocal links with other websites.

Instead of banners, use text links. It is claimed that 100% more people will click on a big text link than will click on a banner ad.

7. "Recommend this site to a friend"

Invite the reader to "recommend this site to a friend". Have an order form on your website, that sends an email to their friend.

8. Article submission

Submit an article on your topic to Article Submission groups and ezine writers.

Your article must educate. Don't promote your site, product or service. Just help people solve problems.

Your Resource Box at the end is where you can put your own link.

9. News releases

If you can offer a solution to a problem raised in a current news story, then write a press release giving tips to solve or avoid that problem.

Your company, website or product can be discreetly mentioned as a source for help. Media people love tip sheets that can solve problems.

This can generate good traffic fast... and build your opt-in list quickly.

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