Get Traffic Using The Power Of Multilevel Marketing

Ever received one of those irritating chain letter scams where they asked you to place your name at the bottom of 10 names and remove the top one?Next you are supposed to send a buck to the top name? Then you are supposed to forward the e-mail with your name at the bottom to 10 other friends who are supposed to do the same.The idea is that for a small investment of a buck, when your name rises to the top of the list, millions of people will be sending you a buck?

Pretty scammy, possibly might work (never tried it myself) but probably illegal in many countries!

Anyway, if we take out the money bit, it does seem to be a possible way to get your ad out to a lot of people. If instead of ten names, we have ten ads for web sites, the potential for getting some serious web site traffic is undeniable.

I'm experimenting with this technique and so far the results have been quite impressive. I've found a site that pretty much automates the process for us. Check it out to see if it increases your web site traffic and help me promote at the same time.

Here is the link: