White Hat Vs Black Hat SEO Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) offers several tricks that help enable your website to reach the top of a search engine results page (SERP). Today we will discuss white hat vs. black hat SEO tricks; digital marketing members commonly practice these tricks to improve their site ranking on Google.

The big difference between these two is that one is ethical, and the other is unethical. White hat tricks enable your site to reach the top list of search engine results by abiding by the guidelines of Google and targeting a human audience. However, black hat is the complete opposite of white hat as it overrides the terms of service given by Google and focuses only on the search engine, not the human audience.

White Hat tricks include:

•    Keywords: Using relevant keywords in your content helps the search engine find your articles, blogs, website, and other information. The quality of the content should be original, new, and published on regular basis.

•    Backlinks: Also known as inbound links, they are nothing but a webpage being linked to another webpage. These web pages tend to rank higher by Google.

•    Internal links: This involves using your website links and connecting them with your content to increase crawling.

•    Meta Description: This is the description that appears just below your site link and title that appears in the search results.


Black hat tricks include:

•    Unrelated keywords: Using keywords that are not relevant to the content or even to the site.

•    Doorway pages: These pages are loaded with keywords which have no relation to the website or content. Once you click the page it will redirect you to another irrelevant page.

•    Invisible Texts: The text is either written in the background color with the font size zero or connects a link to a small character.

•    Content Automation: Using the bot, comments that have no context to the page increase crawling by using keywords or phrases in the bot comments.

Black hat dirty tricks have the possibility of giving you quick results, however, if Google identifies your SEO strategy as black hat tricks, then it will penalize your website by removing it from its search results. It is much better to utilize the White hat methods to increase your visibility