Improve your website get better Search Engine Ranking

Website success goes further than just designing a nice looking website. To enjoy better search engine ranking and better website functionality we have gathered several tips which will help you achieve overall success.

To gather information about websites many search engines send out what is called a robot or spider. It essentially crawl's the web and gathers information for the search engine. Having your website appeal to these spiders is important for good website ranking. Your website is judged by its content, the words that are used and the links that you have.

When designing your website remember that SEARCH ENGINE spiders CAN'T READ GRAPHICS. This means that something like your beautiful flash presentation which gets you so much admiration and praise means absolutely nothing to the search engine spider.

GRAPHICS in your website are definitely more appealing to visitors than just plain text. When using graphics there are a few tips to help you incorporate graphic into your website.

Keep your graphics optimized. Make sure your graphic file size is as small as possible. This will help you achieve better loading times, in turn helping you keep visitors.

NAME YOUR IMAGES appropriately. Instead of image001 name it after your keywords. Both Google and AltaVista have image searches
Try to use web palette colors
Use .GIFs and .JPEGs as the images on your website
Use less graphics and more content

Consider the amount of levels in your site structure. Try no to exceed two levels from your main directory. The more levels that your directory is the less chance that the end pages will be spidered. Many spiders do not exceed two levels from your main directory

Entry pages are the pages that you want visitors to enter your website from. Entry pages should be submitted to search engines to achieve placement for them. All of your entry pages should have information about your website present. You can lose visitors when they enter a page on your website that doesn't explain well what your website is about. Make a page for the sitemap and submit that to the search engines also. A sitemap page is effective as an entry page because you are displaying all of your main pages.

CONTENT, CONTENT, CONTENT, there is nothing more important in achieving your desired ranking. Better more relevant content will keep the search engines happy as well as keeping your visitors coming back.

Frames are not a recommended way to set up your website because of the difficulty for spiders to gather content from them. If you really need to use frames in your website make sure you include good metatags and title tags in your main frames page.

Link Popularity is excellent way to increase your pagerank. The more popular your site is the more important it is deemed to be. When setting up links make sure that the links are relevant to your website. Focus on quality links not always quantity. When the links pointing to you have a better page rank they in turn give you a better return. Consider that there is a huge difference from a link, to your site from another site with a good pagerank than a site from a low pagerank.

Traffic analysis can help you decide where to focus your website design. Traffic analysis can help you determine which pages are most viewed, which pages do people usually exit on and how many visitors you are receiving.

Placing new content on your index page will keep the spiders interested and they will return more often. A site that is constant without change will lose ranking in the search engines so uploading your index page will keep your site fresh.