SEO / 15.01.2004

The Marketing Secret To Page Rank(PR)

by Anthony Parsons

Since Google implemented PR, the link popularity consortiums have gone crazy. PR, PR, PR, that's all that anyone seems to ...

SEO / 14.01.2004

Does Having Dashes In Your Domain Rank Higher?

by Jon Ricerca

This question is debated hotly in many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) forums. The answer, like so many others can be ...

SEO / 14.01.2004

Which Ranks Higher: .html, .shtml, .php or ???

by Jon Ricerca

A few days ago, I read a post on one of those SEO boards asking about how to hide that ...

SEO / 13.01.2004

Why You Need An "Add URL" Page

by James D. Brausch

Exchanging links with sites of a similar topic is one of the most effective free forms of advertising I have ...

SEO / 13.01.2004

Generate King-Sized Traffic Increases With Offline Web Site Promotion

by George McKenzie

How would you like to do the kind of web site promotion that brings thousands of visitors to your site--and ...

SEO / 13.01.2004

Start getting some quality free traffic to your website and you don't even need to advertise for others!

by Prashant Parikh

There used to be a time when no one cared where the visitors were coming from or what made them ...

SEO / 25.12.2003

Does Having Your Keyword In Your Domain Rank Higher?

by Jon Ricerca

This is one of the controversial questions in many of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) forums, yet it is very ...

SEO / 23.12.2003

The Latest Google Update: Code Named "FLORIDA"

by Garry Grant

Something strange is happening on Google: thousands of Web sites that once held top rankings have disappeared - Web sites ...

SEO / 23.12.2003

Using PPCs (pay-per-click engines) to get visitors to your web site

by Steve Shaw

Using PPCs (pay-per-click engines) to get visitors to your web site can be a very effective way to drive traffic ...

SEO / 23.12.2003

19 common mistakes that prevent your Web site from showing up on search engines

by Johannes Selbach

Many webmasters have the problem that their Web site is not listed in search engines at all. There can be ...