SEO / 30.10.2002

The Importance of Search Engine Positioning

by Kajetan Wojciechowski

This is going to sound silly to many of you, but I have a feeling that many who are in ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Search Engines: Have Fun With Them!

by Brien Holcombe

There is a lot of great advice that comes through Promotion World in relation to search engine placement by some ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Treat Yahoo as a directory, NOT a search engine

by Shari Thurow

Yahoo is not a search engine; it is a directory. Yahoo defaults to a search engine (Inktomi) in the event ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Right The First Time

by Kerry Harrington

The thought of optimizing web pages for search engines is one task which strikes fear into the hearts of most ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Internet 101: How to Submit to Search Engines the Right Way!

by Dave Turner

I'm sure you've all seen ads, or received email from companies that claim they can submit your website to thousands ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Earning Awards for Your Web Site!

by David G. Bancroft

A Tutorial By David G. Bancroft, President of FOCUS Associates Whether your commercial or personal site is brand new or has ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Looking After Your Signature File

by Nic Drew

"Signature Files are an absolutely vital way of promoting your web site". Confront someone who has at least a working ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

E-Mail Signatures: One Size Does NOT Fit All

by Shel Horowitz

If your business is diversified, or if you participate in mailing lists and newsgroups with different formats, you could benefit ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Creating Eye Catching Banners

by Julie Tillman-Frost

Everyone with a web site should have at least one banner - for banner exchange programs, advertising on other sites, ...

SEO / 30.10.2002

Going After Your Competition Can Only Do So Much

by Lynne Saarte

  Let us face it. We are often spending too much time worrying about our competition and what they are doing to ...