The 5 Key Benefits to Making Your Site More 'Link Friendly'

There are enormous benefits for making your site more 'link friendly' in today's Web marketplace. We'll discuss these benefits in just a moment, but first, let's define the concept of a 'link friendly' site.

A 'link friendly' site is often low-tech. At a minimum, there are multiple pages within the site that are simple HTML documents, easily indexed by the spidering search engines. This should include your site links page, which meansS don't use javascript links, cgi ? jump links, flash or other non-indexable technologies. If people ask for and receive a link on your site, they want it to be found ­ by site visitors, and by search engines.

A 'link friendly' site reciprocates. You can certainly decide who you are willing to link to and with, but be prepared to consider providing return links to sites that link to you. Sites that do not reciprocate either have a great deal to offer their constituents that is already embedded in their site, or they're simply not paying attention to the culture of reciprocity on the Internet.

A 'link friendly' site links to their links page from their index page. If people have asked for a reciprocal link, then cannot easily find their link on your siteS why should they link to you? Please know that you don't need the link to the links page to be a primary element of your main navigation links. A simple text link at the bottom of your home page will do. Note: it's bad form to hide your links page.

A 'link friendly' site does far more than just SELL. It gives people a genuine reason to link, because it offers real value. Sure you can sell on your site, but offering value first generates trust. And trust results in sales.

Finally, a 'link friendly' site is user-friendly, delivers genuinely useful content, and evolves.

Fresh, useful content can take many forms: : free "how-to" articles or reports; topical information; downloadable software; video, photos, graphics, music; ; and of course, links to value-added sites. Figure out what your site visitors most want - that's the content you need.

If you view your Web site as an asset that grows, you're on the right track. If you continue adding fresh content that ultimately makes your Web site a valuable destination of choice, you cannot help but succeed.

Now, here are five big benefits for making your site more 'link friendly'.

1. You improve your search engine positioning. Today's top search indexes will boost your rankings if you increase your link popularity within your niche market. Note that random linking is pointless. Proper targeting of potential link partners through your keywords and niche market means everything.

2. Targeted link popularity = targeted customers. You reach people who need exactly what you have to offer.

3. You increase your site's visibility in your niche market. Targeted linking is the fast way for your site to become a Web destination of choice.

4. You gain long-term results. Links to your site can stay up indefinitely (unlike constantly changing search engine

5. You can be 1ST to market. Targeted link popularity brings you more traffic in less time.