Website Optimization - For Search Engines Or For Social Media?

A website can only be successful on the world wide web if it is optimized properly and is easily found by the internet users. And that is why businesses spend a ton of time and efforts to optimize their websites and enhance their visibility.

One of the prime ways of doing this is by making the websites perform well on search engines. High positioning on the search engine results attracts more visitors and thus brings about more revenue for the company. This process is called Search Engine Optimization. Lately, there has been another rising trend in the web fraternity called Social Media Optimization. Sharing the same purpose of website optimization, it is an indirect way to market your website on the internet by establishing a strong presence on the social media websites. A steady presence on social media allows users to save and share information with one another and extend the reach of the website.

So, the question arises... How does one optimize a website? Through SEO or SMO? The answer is both the processes can work in complement to one another to boost a websites ranking and establish its powerful presence on the internet.

Here are some tips to enhance both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization activities for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Write Keyword-rich Content

The content of your website should be rich in keywords so that search engine crawlers index them well and your site gets featured for the relevant search queries.

Strengthen the Internal Linking
Link together the various pages of your website with one another in order to strengthen the internal linking and provide a strong structure.

Generate Inbound Links
When you have good content on your website, naturally many people would want to link to you.

Apart from these core activities, there are also a number of other processes that are employed to make sure that the website is placed highly in the search results. This helps businesses to market their products and services to their target audiences in a better way and thus generate revenue.

Social Media Optimization

Write Fresh Content
In place of keyword rich content, social media optimization requires you to write fresh content. This is because social media audiences are on the lookout for latest updates and recent news and if they find anything worthwhile, no time is wasted to popularize it. Writing fresh and unique content gets you immense popularity on social media and thus promotes your website as well.

Interact socially
Establish your presence on social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Delicious etc. and connect with the audience there. Apart from haring your own content, read through what others have written and vote for them. Only if you cheer others will they cheer you back. In addition, also create a blog, comment on other blog, engage in discussions on forums and other online communities and interact with your audiences.

Make your content Easy to Share
Make your content easy to share so that your visitors don't have to work much towards it. If your content is good enough and easily shareable, then it is going to do more rounds of the web. Consider adding a 'share this' option on your website and blog that lest users tag the content from the same place.