E-Mail Marketing or Social Media Marketing - What is Better?

Online marketing is a powerful and more effective medium to market your products and services than the traditional ad campaigns. Moreover, with the increasing population of net-savvy individuals, the web offers a large audience base. Also, it is a cost effective option by which you can reduce a chunk of your marketing costs.

Internet marketing comprise of several ways, of which the most popular ones are – Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Email marketing is an established practice where businesses send out newsletters and other information to their target audience through emails and inform them about their products and services. Whereas, social media marketing is an emerging field that promises immense potential. With the increasing popularity of social media, marketing through this channel promises valuable rewards to businesses.

Both are excellent modes of marketing on the web. However, to know which one of them would be more effective for your business, let us understand their pros and cons.

E-Mail Marketing

This is a direct form of marketing where you keep in touch with your clients, customers and potential customers through emails. This could be in the form of newsletter where you provide them information about your company, latest events and happenings, new offers and discounts etc. You are directly selling your products and services to the recipients.

Everyone uses the e-mail. You would not have to worry if they are active users of the social networks or not. Rather, with an efficient contact database consisting of people from your niche markets, you can email these people directly. And because you are marketing to a highly targeted user-base, there are higher chances of making sales.

Many companies ban the use of social media websites by their employees in their workplace. So any marketing efforts that you make though social media will prove fruitless for this population. Therefore, a better way is to contact them through e-mails.

If you know that your audience base is not very tech-savvy (which means they would not be part of social media websites), it would be pointless to market your services there. Instead, concentrate on building a relevant email list and send them newsletters and brochures of your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a fast emerging field on the web and businesses, especially online businesses cannot afford to ignore it. This is a more indirect way of marketing where you seek to establish a strong presence on the web and build a brand reputation. This earns you the trust of your target audience which makes them pick you when in need or the kind of product and service that you offer.

Social media marketing is a relatively new stream of marketing where you can connect with your audiences on a personal level and have one-to-one conversations. This allows you to have a better understanding of their needs and requirements based on which you can formulate more effective adversing and marketing strategies.

Social media marketing allows you to market your products and services on a large scale. And if people like what you have to say, they be a huge helping hand. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter allows users to share content in their networks. Thus you can expect a viral spread if you initiate something appealing.

The Internet landscape is fast changing. In fact social media interactions are even replacing emails in most scenarios because of the easy and real-time communication that they offer. Inspite of their pros and cons, both the modes have their own share of pros and cons. Thus an effective solution would be to devise a professional social media strategy and use it in compliment with your e-mail marketing process!