Social Media Etiquette - 6 Things You Need To Remember!

Social media is the new face of the internet. And as businesses realize the immense power of the social media platforms, they are increasingly establishing their profiles and creating strategies for the same. However, you need to know how you dress your presence there if you want to get noticed and make sure of the social media potential.

Here are 6 things you should remember while you are social media platforms:

Avoid Narcissism

Self-obsession will get you nowhere on social media platforms. Social media is different from SEO. If SEO is all about me-my business-my website, then Social Media is all about 'We'. Its not about your... Its about the people of the social community. Therefore, instead of boasting about yourself and your business, try to become part of the conversations. This is the only way you can connect with other suers and build strong relationships.

Listen More... Speak After That

The first step to building a good relationship is to be a good listener. Listen to what others are saying on social websites and be a part of the conversation. There are several tools that help you keep track of what people are talking about and engage yourself in the discussion. For example, TweetDeck allows you to monitor updates from not only multiple Twitter accounts but Facebook as well.

Never Spam

Spamming is a serious offence in social media circles. Spamming or any activity that even resembles spamming can end up in you being ignored and deleted from others' accounts. And this can thwart all your social media goals and objectives. So makes sure you don't overload your friends and followers with useless links and mails.

Offer Something Substantial

While social media is about establishing a personal connect, it does not mean that people want to get minute-by-minute updates about what you are doing. In fact, you should be really careful because what you may update in a momentary impulse might be read by all your friends and family in your networks and others too. Therefore, make sure you offer people something good that will be relevant to your industry and do some value addition.

No Mudslinging

Remember, that whatever you post on the internet is going to be accessible to people. And if you post offensive content about something or someone, people are also going to get a hint about your language. So, maintain decorum. Even if you have a complaint, make sure you express it rationally.

Don't Add Friends To Add Population

Social media is not a contest to see how has how many friends or followers. Having more friends or followers will not make you more important. Instead of simply increasing the number of your networks, try to build a community of targeted users belonging to your industry and who might be interested in your business. This will increase your chances of getting returns on your marketing activities.

Follow these tips and make better use of your social media activities. It will establish your self as a powerful presence and extract maximum benefits of the medium.