Social Media Marketing Strategy - Huge Gains Thanks to Google and Pepsi

Social Media Marketing as a cost effective results oriented strategy making huge gains thanks to the Pepsi Refresh Project and Google Caffeine

Independent analysis is showing that Social Media Marketing strategy and the companies that provide them are receiving increased interest due to the Pepsi Refresh Project and Google Caffeine. Leaving little doubt that SoMed enhancements such as Google Caffeine provides with its 'Real Time' search feature are going to have a profound impact on Social Media Marketing Services in 2010.

Examples of the approaches that well planned Social Media strategies like the Pepsi Refresh Project are using to enhance their Viral Marketing efforts include the following.

Increasing website traffic

Using real time Blogs and articles that are content rich, keyword enhanced, and optimally target your potential market. Taking advantage of high impact Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to drive website traffic using creative offers or unique ideas.

Creating greater Internet Visibility

Monitoring 'real time' opportunities to help predict future trends. Then utilizing high impact Social Media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to distribute these innovative or newsworthy messages. Making sure your outbound content contains inbound links whenever possible.

Enhancing visitor experience and website content portability

Placing key website content in a highly visible location where it can be easily located. Keeping your website content fresh, up to date, and include 'breaking news' whenever possible. Partitioning your website and it's Meta Tags to effectively gain the attention of the different audiences you cater to.

For an example of 'breaking news' as it pertains to Google Caffeine visit the Google Caffeine Update page on the Irbtrax website.

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