Integrating Social Media Into Your Website

Social Media is on the hype in today's world, the world of Internet. Not only Facebook or Twitter but Buzz, Wave and Orkut by Google are booming at an alarming rate. Since, social networking sites have proven their efficacy in marketing activities and driving traffic in, it is important for you to integrate social media to position your site with many significant entry points and with easy sharing functionality.

This is absolutely fantastic for their businesses. We’ve seen viral videos on YouTube, Facebook, and so much more. What you need to do is to integrate your social media and networks into your site successfully, because nowadays, people will spread what they love on these sites. Now comes the right way to connect social media into your website, a comprehensive plan to incorporate social media into your website, so that you get desired results.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Integrate Twitter on your website
Adding a Twitter stream on your website is the best thing you do to your site. This way you can show to people that your website is alive. A Twitter feed can do a lot to keep you updated even if you have not updated any content since long. Another great thing you can do is to add functionality onto your site for the visitors and give them an opportunity to connect to their own Twitter accounts, share content and tweet about your company, without having to leave your site.

Let Your Visitors Connect With Facebook
Integrating facebook on your website is another way to increase visitors' engagement with your website. With facebook, you can encourage visitors to share content of your website with others and notify their friends about it. Having access to such functionality by your visitors will make them feel that they are part of you. This is a proven method to reduce bounce rate on your website.

Best social media for the sites that regularly update their content like articles, blogs or news stories. So, when people like any story published on the site they simply digg them. The more the number of times an article is dugg on a site, the higher in the list it is placed. Needless to say, articles listed on top, on front page receives more number of clicks by the users.

Google Buzz
Google Buzz is the latest addition in the market of social and networking media. You can make people read you easily by integrating Google Buzz in your Google mail inbox. For eg; Mashable – a big social news site, who have adopted social media buttons for many benefits.

The above ideas are of course a few only and there are several others out there to support your purpose. Integrating social media into your website and making it a part of your marketing activity can reap several benefits to you as this is the easiest way to connect to your customers. But remember to play your cards right.