Wit and Charm Are Important for Business Social Media

It seems every company these days has a Facebook or a Twitter account. Many have both at the same time. You see it on their print ads and on television commercials. You see it so often you start to wonder if you are missing out by not having an account on these sites yourself. Even if you are not familiar with how these services work, it is enough to get anyone interested enough to check it out. The question is, how do you make the pages work for you in your business?

Starting a social media page for your business is not the most natural thing. After all, it is going to ask you information which is partial only to if you are a human being. The problem is you are a company not a human being. Automatically you get the impression you are not supposed to be here. Bear in mind all of those other businesses which filled out the information had to go through the same process and they are businesses as well. The most important thing is to consider what kind of personality you want for your business to have. Most will use personality traits which exemplify the kinds of clients they have.

Now, it is time to really set up your profile. This is the thing which everyone will see when they visit your website. It includes information about the company and anything else you want for them to know. On the wall of the page, you can set up graphics and designs which will grab attention but not detract from the overall look and feel of the page. Again, think about what your clients want to see when they are on your page and go with that.

The next thing to consider is what kind of content you want to see on the page. Content can include anything from talking about the company to making regular posts about different offers which your customers might want to hook up on. For instance, Toys ‘R’ Us posted something on their site which gave people information about a flash sale where all jeans were 50% off. Information everyone would want to have, but only those who were friends or following the Twitter page would have known about.

All the regular contact information applies here, but you might want to hire an inbound call center soon. Chances are you are about to get inundated with phone calls regarding your business and what you feel you can offer the people who come to visit your site. If you already have a telephone answering service, make sure to add information asking people to sign up to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

The most important thing when it comes to your Facebook and Twitter pages is to remember to have fun. It is a social site and people want to enjoy themselves. Offering a bit of levity is always a good idea to grab more attention.