Strategize Your Social Media Marketing Moves For 2019

Boost social media presence with some smart moves

Ignorant is the only word that pops into my mind when marketers do not pay attention to the social media. The blend of social media and your marketing moves is significant to the future of your company and if you will keep ignoring it, in the foreseeable future the status of your company is in jeopardy.

Albeit if you have been dictating the tempo on the social media then you must be accustomed to the term ‘trending new’ and it is also expected that you know it will keep coming back at everyone. The same is with the marketing and with social media marketing. Taking things of the past in consideration you can make few changes to your strategy to keep things afloat.

1. Add the talent of content creation in your company

It has been seen in the past that many companies have been reliant on the freelance writer for the development of content. Then that content was posted on the social media platforms. It is vivid, to target young customers and to establish a reputation in the young customers you have to be active on social media as most of the hours of young people are spent on social media.

But you need to change the level, from just mere presence to imperious presence you have to switch and that would require regularity of the content.

Hiring content writers would make the things easier for you. As leaving things on the freelancers would bring stagnancy and irregularity. Hiring writers will also make your content more relevant to the company as they would not have anything else to focus on. And from now on if you want any change to bring all the good things, only content will do that. Search engines are now becoming more focused on the user experience and user engagement and that makes content the only savior

2. Video content

The most engaging content is video content. Video content related to the brand and product targeting the audience will bring the tide in your demography. It has been found that with video content you are most likely to engage users.

But creating the videos which are only showing the product would be useless, people will find it more compelling if you can make the videos in which the product is in use.

3. User-generated content

One of the most intriguing things executed by the companies on the social media, perhaps, Instagram, the opportunity to get featured on their brand pages. Either doing some kind of an activity or by using their product. And this has indeed generated ROI like never before. This is now just a new way to generate content but actually a new way to create user-engagement.

The user-generated content is on the heavy use, it is like ‘selling without selling’ and creating the brand awareness as well as creating the marketing space like never before and in one of the most promising way.

4. Stories and live content

The next big thing after the social media itself was the introduction of stories and going live. Neither they took any time in gaining the popularity among users and brands. Posting stories are one way to engage the users and provide a peek into your doings which has always only been plaudit. Posting frequent stories would make things easier as users’ attention will be grabbed and whatever you have posted on your website, any kind of content, its glimpses can be shown.

The same goes for live content. With it you can create an anticipation in the users. You can take the example of Apple. They launch their products while going live. And now it has only become easier, you can go live on the social media which has facilitated the users to check things on one click only. And hence, this is the next breakthrough to make.

5. Brand partnership

Nike launched a new range of sneakers collaborating Kendrick Lamar, ‘Damn Sneaker’, and indeed, damn market. They are going to hit the new heights in terms of sale because they are already popular. Although, this was a way of promoting while producing single-handedly.

You should focus on the other side, partnering with another brand will ease the things and will bring the customers which are associated with them. You would not have to spend the same amount, as it can be divided and it will increase the anticipation in the people. Creating content with other brands would bring the traffic influx without any dubious thought.

The traits of the market change months in and months out. Every passing year brings an opportunity to look back and learn and make progress. However, you can also spend that time in bursting firecrackers but learning and adapting to the new ways is the only curve to drive the things easily.

These tactics are new and promising and they are focused sheerly on user engagement which is the only way to hold your grounds and make the roots deeper!