Does Social Media Campaign Increase Sales

As there are now so many people using social media, a well presented interesting and useful social media campaign on The Gold Coast is a must for all business that wish to attract a local following and increase sales.

Having a social media campaign means you have a coordinated marketing effort across all the social media platforms that your potential customers are using. This type of campaign is focused and targets a specific group for specific reasons and around a singular business goal

It usually looks to do a number of things and has set goals

  • Building positive email marketing list
  • Increasing web traffic and feedback
  • Improving your brads standing and reputation
  • Increasing your public engagement
  • Increasing public awareness of your brand
  • Driving Direct sales

It is important that all your efforts are measurable and trackable.

You need to know where you are before you start so you can see the results of your efforts and ensure that your time and the money spent is giving you a good return. It also needs to be compatible with your long term business plan.

Some social media platforms require different strategies, but the overall message must be synchronized and the same, positive, informative and give value to people who you engage

The question does a social media campaign increase sales can be answered easily as a big yes. This is because what it does is give you a here and now presence.

To get new sales, people have to notice you. It just does not matter if you can have the best product at the best price are offering tremendous giveaway deals that people want. If they cannot see you, if you don’t put yourself and your brand out front, then you are totally invisible and no one will buy from you, because they just do not see you.

Building a social media campaign

You need to have a top-notch campaign long before starting, you need the best products and services and be able to for full any promises you make.

But more than this you need to be able to monitor what is happening in your business, all the other similar businesses to yours in your area and know what your customers want.

So how do you do this? The best way is to ask them and that is best done using social media so you do not need one campaign, you need ongoing campaigns to keep in front of your opposition

Do this by offering a reason for your visitors to interact with you:

  • Ask your visitors to ask you questions
  • Take a poll to find out what they want
  • Give reviews on relevant local sites
  • Join local blogs and ask questions
  • Provide your users with incentives to interact with you such as prizes
  • Give discounts for information
  • Join local charities and offer your products as prizes
  • Interact with the community
  • Never comment on political, religious or contentious issues