Six Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing for your organization

Have a look at the following research data pertaining to social media use and you will realise the basic factors that are driving social web today:

- The age group of 55 years-64 years has proved to be the fastest growing one on Twitter while the 45 to 54 years age group has taken a strong liking to Facebook and Google+, thus becoming the fastest to accept these platforms.

- The percentage of people using the internet through smartphones, at home, in office or during travel, is constantly on the rise.

Social engagement is different in current times due to the availability of faster internet speeds and enhanced mobile connectivity, due to which connecting to friends, sharing content and engaging in chat has grown dramatically. As a business, it therefore becomes very important to build a focussed social media strategy in conjunction with a digital
marketing agency in India, in order to build a strong connection with existing and potential customers.

Here are a few top benefits of engaging in social media marketing and reaping the rewards:

1. Promotes Branding
A key method of connecting with your kind of audience is showcasing your business personality using social media platforms. It is important to know that the social media channels you use are extended opportunities to display your brand’s interactions and content. When your online brand presence becomes regular and identifiable, there is always the likelihood of consumers coming across your social media feed or becoming repeat buyers.

2. Gives a brand a face
Look around yourself closely and you will realize that there are no more faceless entities or organizations. The modern customer is not only careful about what he buys but also the kind of company they are buying from. The lead-to-close rate of social media is double that of traditional outbound marketing and using this advantage, your brand can create a better rapport with the customer instead of going doing the traditional path of automatic voice based customer service.

3. Improves Conversions
You could be a B2B or B2C company, the social media path can prove to be extremely effective as a tool to gather new leads and move potential customers through your sales funnel. Every single blog that is posted online and every post that is liked by a follower presents itself as an opportunity as prospects waiting to be converted into customers.

4. Enhances Inbound Traffic
Without a presence on social media, your potential customers or leads are people who know your brand and people to reach out to you while searching ranked keywords. When your brand expands its social media presence and its frequency through professional SEO services, it leads to another way back to your website. This means you are bound to attract higher traffic as well as conversions.

5. Improves Customer Service
Social media is certainly one of the best places for customer service as it allows great customer interactions in public whether it is addressing complaints or managing account-related issues. This is also a wonderful place to enhance customer relationships by following them back, creating open communication lines and recommending related products.

6. Allows customer insights
Have you heard of social listening? Through social media, you can measure and gain insights about your potential customer’s behavior and choices. It allows the brand to check the reviews and suggestions people leave behind about your products or services. Through engagement rates on social media posts, it is possible to understand which type of content generates the highest interest. However, social media marketing needs a long term approach and a sustained effort in order to reap its multiple benefits.