The Social Media Analytics Tools You Should be Using in 2019

Nearly every brand today has a Facebook page, a Twitter handle an Instagram account than helps them to develop their business. According to this, social media analytics form an integral part of social media strategy. With the growth in social media platforms, there has also been an increase in the number of tools available to analyze them, with new ones being added every day. Some of the important social analytics tools, that business should be using in 2019, according to social media company are described below:

Google Analytics

Though technically, not a social media analytics tool, according to social media companies Google Analytics is an effective way of monitoring social media activity, measuring return on investment, generating reports on social media data and keep track of the amount of traffic each social media platform generates for a business’ website Another advantage is that it is free and suitable for all social media platforms.


According to social media companies, this social media automation and publishing tool provides users with social media analytics to review which type of content performs best and on what platforms as well as integrate both social media management and analytics. It has varied prices for professionals, teams, businesses and enterprises ranging from £25 Per Month to customized pricing based on the project/plan. It can be used for various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and WordPress Blogs, according to social media companies.

Sprout Social

This tool, according to social media companies, allows the creation of social media calendars ahead of schedule, schedule and publish posts and watch users have conversations on social media. It also provides an agency programme, that provides strategy advice, reporting templates and exposure to major brands that already use it. While it is expensive with a starting price of $500, Sprout Social can be used for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Analytics.


According to social media companies, besides Snapchat, Snaplytics is also designed for Instagram and allows users to see how much their Snapchat content and Instagram Stories generate while allowing brands to refine the types of content that generate the most engagement, through the data generated besides allowing users schedule posts in advance that automatically go live, a feature not yet provided by many social media analytics platforms. The prices are based on the project.

Depending upon the needs of the business, social media companies evaluate which social media is best suited to your needs and use social media analytics tools accordingly.