How to manage social media campaigns like a pro?

The growth and sales revenues of your business directly hinge upon your success as a marketer. Once your marketing starts making you a predictable return on investment, you will indeed be a true marketing professional. Always split-test across multiple marketing channels and combine different types of media and outreach programs to make your efforts boom.


Here we’ll be taking you through five of the best ways to manage and optimize social media marketing. Let’s look at how to manage social media campaigns like a pro!


Plan out a definite social media strategy

Don't try to run every aspect of your social media machine on the fly. Winging it doesn't always work and is never anything near the most productivity, lucrative way to execute your operations. Set a calendar and compare it to movements within your area of interest. Outline all key dates and structure all your promotions and announcements.


With your own internal calendar detailing sections of social media to capitalize on, you'll be able to come up with better campaigns and more engaging content to align yourself with the public. This will also show you which areas of your social media marketing need work and by when growth milestones need to be met.




Hashtags are one of the best ways to engage specific segments of a target audience. Use hashtags to find content that people are already enthusiastic about so that you have a phrase, tagline, or word to model your social media outreach around. Go general or hone in on a specific hashtag attaching an audience by using other popular catch-phrases in your marketing.


Once your hashtag develops traction, you'll have a forecastable reach to grow more steadily. Hashtags also help you find key influencers whose followers will increase your reach and reputation. The right Instagram influencer can skyrocket your following within just a few shared posts.


Here's a list of the ten best hashtag tips to make sure that you don't annoy your audience, and to guarantee that you always get good results:


  • Don't use too many different hashtags
  • Use hashtags specific to your niche
  • Don't rely on popular hashtags alone
  • Use relevant hashtags only
  • Use short hashtags when possible
  • Research hashtags before using them
  • Collect successful hashtags and analyze for trends
  • Keep hashtags in the captions - don't clutter content
  • Develop branded hashtags
  • Capitalization doesn't affect rankings, but it is easier to read



Use the right social media tools

When you use specialized marketing software, you save yourself time and vastly expand your potential reach. There are some things that are simply too time-consuming to repeat thousands of times over by hand. Advanced tools are available for every social media network.


Here are some of the better options out there to help you automate posting, find content, and manage every aspect of your social media campaigns:


  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Nuvi
  • Post Planner
  • Sprout Social


Enrich your content with media & video

Content is king - we all know that. What most of us overlook is that there are many forms of content. Each aspect of your marketing has a lifecycle, a fixed duration of the engagement. Even evergreen content reaches a point where the traffic, engagement, and value is only pertinent to background factors like search engine rankings and backlink value. Almost all content can, however, be repurposed to a variety of different types of multimedia.


For example, a single article's facts can be wrapped up into an infographic that'll work much better on a platform like Facebook and Twitter. The same infographic can be turned into a gif, meme or another form of humorous but engaging graphic in order to advertise elsewhere. Video scripts come with the same versatility and vice versa for written content.


Learning design can help you create good quality interactive videos. Just because you're hitting home on Instagram and engaging tons of followers, this doesn't mean that you have to leave out YouTube followers and other networks. Develop a content strategy that utilizes as many different types of presentation as possible, and you'll steadily grow your social media followings.


Never underestimate the power of print

“Real-world” or print advertising is a huge asset to businesses who are targeting a local clientele. Just like any other marketing channel, in-person marketing has a ceiling. Flyers will only be effective when used carefully. Newspaper ads can be useless if you’re in the wrong industry, and both will fail if your timing and frequency of advertising are wrong. Always look for a parallel to the online marketing that you’ll be using.


Guerilla marketing techniques can make a video go viral thanks to nothing other than a massive boost in traffic during the initial launch. No one cares that the video is being watched over and over by locals. The rapid rise in views guarantees people from all around the world are drawn to your efforts. A skilled online marketer will always combine multiple marketing channels to create an ad launch that draws eyes from everywhere.


Create campaigns that you fall in love with

Social media marketing is all about staying current with what people are looking for and how they want to see it. If you present your content in such a way that it conflicts with mainstream interest, you['ll either put people off, or they simply won't be interested. Despite crafting your campaigns based on the eyes of another, your opinion matters most of all.


If you don't develop something that you and your marketing teams resonate with and can stand behind, no one will ever end up interested in your advertising. The passion behind a project splashes over into the final product, and no matter how well you try to bolster something that you don't feel confident about, it will always carry the self-image that you hold subtly across to your customers.


Create content, campaigns, and advertising strategies that the whole team supports, and you'll always succeed thanks to a steady stream of new ideas, enthusiasm, and motivation.