5 Instagram Trends That You Should Apply

Social networking is getting popularized day by day due to the perks and amenities provided. If you are a regular Instagram user, then you may expect high growth very fast. Technological trends are changing on a regular basis and you need to remain at pace. Instagram serves to be a platform where you can easily share pictures and videos thus increasing your popularity.


Instagram is Open to All

Instagram is such a platform that is open to all. It can be utilized by an individual as well as businesses belonging to various sizes. It is amusing that the number of Instagram active users has grown manifold and has reached up to billions. Such a remarkable growth has converted this platform among one of the fastest growing social networks.


5 Trends to Apply in Instagram

Leveraging your digital presence through Instagram marketing has been made easy. It is essential to monitor and stay in pace with the latest trends in marketing. Your followers will definitely enjoy the validation that prevails regarding coolness in online presence. Below are the top five trends in Instagram that marketers must keep an eye to enhance their overall rate of growth:


Shopping directly from Instagram

Shopping has been really made easy with Instagram. It has helped in embracing newer ways of selling brands and influencers. Purchasing through mobile has been regarded as one of the most flexible ways of shopping anytime. From promoting of mascara to purchasing new books, everything has been made possible through a few toppings.

Against each and every Instagram posts, 3-4 links can be provided to ease the overall experience of shopping. Users can easily register their names for pre-ordering of any item. Publishing of Instagram stories with the help of swiping up of links is really an interesting idea. If you are an influencer, then Instagram stories can be used for converting prospects to customers.


Utilizing Instagram stories

Instagram stories will help a lot in embracing wide numbers of users in a single go. They will prevent you in lagging behind in the future. Majority of active users watch Instagram stories. To carry on with highly enthralling engagement rate on your account, you need to carry on Instagram stories in a consistent manner.

It is good to provide good and engaging content to let enjoy your followers on a constant basis. You must constantly focus on feed. Planning at an early rate will let you come up with an astonishing outcome. Preview app will let you edit posts along with hashtags and other posts.


Customizing of nametags

Instagram is coming up with new features on a regular basis. A nametag is one of the highly remarkable ones. You may scan your Nametag to let your potential followers go directly to your profile. Brands are becoming highly creative with the help of this astonishing feature.

You may also personalize posts with the help of amusing selfies, attractive emojis, and branded colors. Focusing on special events will also be a great step. Gaining followers in a faster manner has been made easy by letting you display your Nametag in an appropriate place.


Using the feature of IGTV

The astonishing feature of IGTV has really proved to be a great contribution for enhancing presence in Instagram. The vertical format has made it easier to create amusing content so that they may easily watch them on their phones. Big brands and influencers are swinging to make proper usage of IGTV for popularizing their presence.

Instagram has remained one of the most popular social networks as it permits outperforming photos and videos. Marketing teams are bracing themselves for such interesting shifts. Marketing of brands through Instagram has been made easy.


Posting compelling contents on a regular basis

Posting of highly compelling contents will definitely attract users. The content that you are about to post may either belong to a particular niche or may be related to your brand. You may also go to opt to buy real active Instagram followers from top service providers.

Top service providers will be glad to guide you the best for the best results. Only buying of followers will not do until and unless you are able to post interesting and compelling contents. Posting on a regular basis will help in maintaining your regularity thus creating an appealing impression.

As an Instagrammer, you need to add a remarkable caption to your posts. It is a very important step that will give your followers an overview of your brand. Until and unless followers get to know about the stuff, it will become difficult to become popular. Instagram favors real followers and strategies.

Instagram has announced various ways of testing for presenting profiles of users in a great manner. It aims not only in improving user experience, but also fetching brands with more numbers of clicks easily.