How to Use Social Media For The Expansion Of Your Freelance Business?

Social media is the most convenient way of making connections with new people. In case, you are able to make your presence on social media having the highest traffic, it helps in the promotion of your website. In addition, it gets easy to get prospects for your business.


While doing the promotion of your business website, you shouldn’t sound to be sales on the social media website. It is a place, where people usually socialize and do hangouts. To do the promotion of your business on social media websites, you require a little bit finesse for getting the attention of the prospects. If you use a direct message for marketing your product on social media site, you may be disconnected or get blocked based on the platform you are using.


Each of the social-media manifestos has its own specification. It always gets difficult to use social sites effectively without getting distracted as there are several funny things to share on it. If you seriously want to emphasize on marketing and building a strong network, using social media marketing can help you a lot in it.


Have a look at certain tips to widen your freelance business:


Implement the long-term approach

With the help of social media, it gets easy for you to find new clients and get better exposure. For ensuring consistent success, you are required to spend time on it. Putting the continuous effort and using the long-term approach, you can use social media marketing as an essential part of your freelance business.


Using the long-term method doesn’t mean that you will not get clients but you are required to spend some time in it. You can get a constant flow of leads, but you need to maintain patience.


Schedule some time to spend on social network


To assure success in social media, it is mandatory for you to spend some time on the social media platform you are using. In case, you will not be careful, you will end up with nothing. It is suggested to schedule a certain time duration for social media and stick to it. It simply confirms that you’re active and serious towards maintaining your presence on social media. The time you spend on social media may differ, but it would be better if you spend at least half an hour per day on it.


Show the image consistency across multiple platforms

Lots of social media manifestos are there, which help you in the creation of profile, custom-built profile page and let you upload an image or icon. If you’re using multiple platforms that can be a common scenario, it helps you in the maintenance of consistent image across several manifestos. This can include the same profile name, image, or similar header for the profile page by using the common tag line.


Can emphasize on the single manifesto

It is beneficial to have multiple profiles at different social media websites but it can be difficult for you to focus on each of them effectively. It would be ideal if you focus on the specific one. You should find out the social media website used by most of the people and flourish your freelance business there. In lieu of gaining a little bit of success by focusing on multiple platforms, focusing on one platform can ensure long-term success for you. Suppose you find that Instagram is one of the suitable platform used by most of the people, you should start promoting your business on the specific site.


Help others to be a part of the community

For finding success with social networking sites, it is your responsibility to give your contribution to the community of the users. Those who are eager to promote their products and services by using social sites usually begin to post a bunch of links to their site.


The main motive to use social media website is to make connections with multiple clients and enhance the revenue of your freelance business. So, it is essential for you to help others and be a unique part of the community. Being a business owner, you should use the social network intelligently, and try to connect to others and communicate.


Posting blogs can be helpful

Posting blogs can act as an asset for the promotion of your business-related services. It will not add an advantage when you try to market your services by the help of a blog post. In case, your blog is appealing and able to get the attention of the people, they would be ready to hire you. One thing you should definitely add for sure to your site is the link to your service pages or some other major details related to your services.


The amount of traffic will definitely get improve in case you have blogs on your website. Blogs are really important to get the attention of the clients. It helps you gain the trust and confidence of the website visitors. Using blogs for the promotion of your freelance business shows your efficiency and set a positive image of your business among clients.


Display your best work

Most of the conversation and activity on social media sites involves connecting and communicating with new people. You can even use these sociable networks to get maximum exposure for your work. It can be a perfect marketing idea for your business to make use of social profiles for showcasing your best work for the clients. If you have a dream to be a popular service provider, you should share something from your portfolio and with the service page link.


Top social media sites for enhancing the popularity of a freelance business:



It is the most popular and the biggest social medium for promoting the business. In the past few years, Facebook has obtained success in becoming an advantageous manifesto for promoting services. Being a freelance business, you can market your business on Facebook by following the given methods:

  • First, you should create an excellent profile, including every single detail about your business.
  • Add links of the blogs related to your content.
  • Create a Facebook Page with essential details with calls-to-action option.
  • You can use the Facebook search to find out the gigs associated with the industry you are dealing in.
  • Take the help of Facebook ads.
  • You can join the niche groups for promoting your business.



Pinterest has become the most important social media manifesto having more than one hundred fifty million users. It can be used for the real-time promotion of the brand. If you are a freelancer, you can easily get attention and desired traffic to your blog. The client will come to you for availing your service. Here, you can see the method to take advantage with Pinterest:


To display your work to the clients, create a portfolio.

  • It is mandatory to make the “About Us” page for providing more details about your business.
  • Add a link to the website.
  • Also, make pins and boards related to your business.
  • You should use the applicable keywords for the titles and descriptions, so that you can become more visible to the Pinterest users.



Without having any doubt, LinkedIn can be considered as the most useful promotional social media website for a business. Having a LinkedIn profile is quite essential in case you are dealing in freelancing business. You get the right set of clients by using such platforms. Here, you can have a look at the methods to get the best results from LinkedIn:


Make an informative profile on LinkedIn.

Mention everything such as job, expertise, training certifications, languages specification, and other important details. As LinkedIn is a social website for building the professional network, you should make sure that all required data has been added by you.

Post blogs as LinkedIn is an ideal platform with better search engine visibility.

Should write appealing status updates.

Associate with the niche groups.



Like other social media platforms, Twitter has declared as a powerful tool for the promotion of a business. Have a look at certain ways to get best out of Twitter:

Create an informative biodata on Twitter. Mention your profession and provide the list of clients for whom you have worked. It is a better way to attract more clients to your website. Some methods that you can use to get results from Twitter:


Try to share links of work samples with website link.

  • Approach the industry leaders.
  • Look for the potential clients using applicable hashtags.
  • Keep a record of the competitors.
  • Try interacting with the followers.


Useful tools for the promotion of a freelance business:


The specific tool helps in scheduling the tweets and made columns to audit the lists, mentions, and activity happening on Twitter. It also has a desktop app, so you don’t have to open an account in a browser. You can use this tool, especially for Twitter.



Whether it is about to examine all your profile, posting content, or normal reporting, Hootsuite does it for you. You should know that the amazing search function on Twitter where you can see the phrases like “searching for a web designer”? Hootsuite makes it possible to add search columns that you can simply browse through. Reaching someone directly gets easy by using Hootsuite. It helps you to know the opinion of the people related to your brand. Also, it gets easy for you to audit other activities based on search terms.



Buffer is the best tool for scheduling the content. After adding a link to the buffer, you can be saved from uploading an image as it pulls the image attached to the URL. It contains a Chrome extension, which is helpful for sharing the content from any page.

Apart from these things, the buffer has a great built-in reporting feature which helps in identifying what can work the best for your business.



For fulfilling the dream of a successful freelance business, you should start investing your valuable time on social media networks. It can let you grow your services and connect you with trustworthy clients. Also, it gets easy for you to obtain more popularity in a short span of time.