How Social Media Influencers Affect Consumer Purchasing Decisions

Almost everyone right now is using Social Media as a tool to communicate with their friends, families, loved ones, and even finding there future partner in life. If you can still remember how social media works in the past. Like for example, in 2002 when Friendster was just starting and everyone was customizing their front page on their specific preferences.


And there are people taking advantage of social media to present their ideas to other people who are called influencers. Most often, these influencers are using the top social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter to get more attention from people. And here are reasons for how social media influencers affect consumer purchasing behavior.


Social Media Influencers Provides Honest Reviews and Evaluation

Most Social Media influencers are providing honest reviews and evaluations of the service and experience they will get on hotels, restaurants, gadgets, and many other things. And this is very important for the consumer because that is the closest way they will ever get to the service or gadget before they will do it. Like for example, reviews for the best Phone.


By providing a proper review, the consumer will already have an idea about the thing that they want. And you can also evaluate if it is advisable for the consumer to take take the risk or not. Because most of the time, the majority of consumers regret taking advantage of the service or product they will get because of not knowing the pros and cons.


Providing Consumers the Store’s Online Appearance

Consumers often find Social Media influencers because they wanted to know how good is the appearance or presence of a certain restaurant, hotel, or even product.  Because when people will know that a certain business is having a lot of followers then it would also mean that everything is all fine. That is why influencers are also important to the business.


It will also add taste to the business if they will have cool posts on their social media pages to gain a lot of consumer’s attention. Because most often or not, what you see is what you get. And it also depends on the influencer if they will be happy with your service or product then you might be given a chance receiving an extra effort form the influencers.


Advantage of Providing Effective Ads

Competition right now is very challenging because businesses are adapting to the change and making their techniques on how they can sell their products and service. And in the digital marketing age, businesses should also learn how to advertise their products and service online effectively. That is why Social Media influencers are important.


Because of their large amount of followers, many people will able to see your advertisement. And that will surely make your future sales skyrocket. This is all possible because of how social media right now which can easily manipulate consumers plus a famous influencer who will do you an advertisement for your business.


They Provide Brand Loyalty

A certain Social Media influencer uses a certain brand and shows it online. Then obviously, his/her will also want that kind of brand and will stick to that brand as long as that Influencer change for a different one. This is just one of how social media influencers can affect consumer's purchase decisions. This will provide the businesses a better sales and more followers.



Businesses are competing with other rights and everyone should also adapt the change or else you will be left behind. In the age of digital marketing, business owners should be connected to any famous influencer and it doesn't matter if it is a local or international influencer. As long as that person is true to its words people will surely buy.