Social Media Aggregation and It’s Importance

Social Media Aggregation is a process by which you can collect posts or content from different social platforms and combine them into a single form or feed. You can then present this feed to any website or anywhere else you want. It can easily be done with some web tools.

For instance, if you have organized an event or function, then people might start posting stuff related to that occasion on their social media handles on different platforms, but the thing is how to find them and use them as a combined source or set to showcase your event.

For those situations, Social Media Aggregators are made. They will collect content from different platforms related to that event and then you can present it in various ways.

The same can be done through submissions, profiles, posts, mentions, hashtags, reviews, etc. with the help of a Social Media Aggregators.

Importance of Social Media Aggregation in Marketing.

Actually Social Media Aggregation plays a very significant role in Marketing. Here are some reasons for that -

  • Time-Saving Process -

Nearly 43% of the marketers actually don’t have enough time to collect and work on significant content for their businesses, therefore Social Media Aggregators assist them in these type of situations and helps in using their time more efficiently.

  • Honest Marketing -

As marketers use real-time social scenarios about them in Social Media Aggregation, It assures transparency in the marketing process as social media is available for all and people of whom posts got featured had real experience with the products and services.

  • Multiple Usability -

Social Media Aggregation can be used in several distinct manners. It can be embedded in websites, visualize to In-store open displays, collection for the content of some events like concerts or programs, for promotion of useful hashtag campaigns, can be used in E-commerce to integrate different user experiences, etc.

How to do Social Media Aggregation.

Social Media Aggregation can be done in numerous ways


1. Show Social Media Feed on the website -

Social Media Wall can be displayed on website to show social concerns of the product or company. Best Social Media Aggregators like Taggbox let you embed a customizable social wall to make your website interface more user-friendly and attractive.

Warner Bros. used Taggbox on the Mortal Kombat 11 game website.


2. Collective set of content from Events -

It can provide a collective set of content for events, concerts, musicals, etc. like for example, a concert has been held and completed successfully and people there started posting stuff about it on social media platforms using relevant hashtags, then event managers can use Social Media Aggregator to integrate the opinions and posts of people through related hashtags and display it according to their preferences for marketing.


3. Digital Screen Displays

Also, you can digitally showcase your Social Feed at places such as offices, public places, stations or any big events.

Facebook Israel used Taggbox to favor the LGBTQ Community’s fight to pride.


4.  Promote hashtag campaigns -

Social Media Aggregation can be done to promote influencing campaigns for social causes to spread awareness regarding any social topic. It can be presented as to how much people are aware of certain topics which ultimately spread positivity in society.


Some of the best tools to do Social Media Aggregation -


There are plenty of options available in the market, but we’re here talking about the best ones.

  • Taggbox -

Taggbox is known as the best aggregator among the list because of its multiple functions and usability. It provides you with the most features in a very reasonable amount.

  • Tagboard -

Tagboard is also an aggregator that focuses on large events displaying.

  • - provides manageable customizability at some cost.

  • -

It is a simplistic aggregator for small enterprises with some self handler options.


We know all the needs and requirements to run and manage a business enterprise in this very dynamic environment.

And that is why we introduced a solution to bring ease in marketing strategies to encounter social media aggregation problems.

Taggbox will definitely help your business to present in this digital world.