7 Effective Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Promote Your Law Firm

Instagram is a popular social media platform. In fact, it has about a billion active accounts monthly worldwide.

This stat shows that having a photo-centric platform shows itself to be quite profitable. Thus, businesses, marketers, advertisers, and more can benefit a lot from creating a presence for themselves on IG.

Even if this is the case, somehow a lot of law firms don’t seem to have any presence at all on Instagram, which is a shame. Having an Instagram account for a law firm can help you in many ways.

First, it can help you stay connected with current and potential clients. Another benefit is that you could use it to recruit people to the firm.

Given these advantages of having an Instagram account, more law firms should consider building their social media presence there. However, the reason so many firms don’t is maybe because they don’t know how to use it effectively.

With that said, in this article, you’ll find techniques and strategies you can use to effectively market and promote your law firm on Instagram. Check them out below.


1. Work with influencers

Influencers are celebrities or people with a lot of social media following. They have amassed a considerable audience through their presence on Instagram.

With that said, a lot of brands and businesses are wise in recruiting influencers to work with them.

Given the fact that these influencers already have an audience, you don’t need to do as much to be able to promote your law firm and reach the right number of people. Thus, if you can, you should try to connect and work with influencers.

The key to doing so in an effective manner is by being discerning of the influencers that you work with. If an influencer has a lot of following on social media, it doesn’t mean they should be the one you work with. What you should look into is engagement, first of all.

Secondly, you should also look at the type of audience that they attract. They should be your ideal client or fall within certain parameters that can make them be your target audience. That way, your promotion with the influencer would actually bear fruit.


2. Leverage the use of Hashtag

Another effective social media tactic that you can use on other social media platforms including Instagram is the use of hashtags.

Hashtags are a way for users to tag certain content on social media platforms. Thus, making it easier for people to find other relevant content.

You can get an audience to view your posts by using the appropriate kind of hashtag. You can try a combination of evergreen and high-traffic hashtags in your photos.

Focus on getting the right type of audience and getting traffic at the same time. Don’t use hashtags that are popular but aren’t related to what you’re posting because these will not give you any viable results.

Also, don’t abuse the hashtag system by adding random hashtags, as well as any and every hashtag you know. You should have, at most, seven hashtags if it comes to it.

Try to experiment around and see how many hashtags is your sweet spot.


3. Respond to the comments posted

According to Amaze Law, one of the best Instagram advertising agencies for law firms, online interaction is important.

Nowadays, people don’t want an overly formal and cold relationship with the brands that they support.

Aside from that, social media platforms are used as a venue for customer service by both users and businesses alike. Users use it to send their issues, queries, and comments. On the other hand, brands use it to provide immediate responses to potential customers.

Thus, you should make sure that you engage with your audience by responding to any of their comments on your post. If you have a small and tight-knit following, it may be easier to respond to all the comments. However, if you’ve got a bigger following, devote time to respond to customers, say the first hour after you posted a photo.


4. Posts on a regular basis

Regularity is a trait that is much appreciated on social media. The Internet is a fast-paced mill of content and interactions, so if you don’t post on a regular basis, people may not be able to get a solid hold of you.

You don’t have to be posting videos every day to be able to have a solid following. A bit of regular programming will do so that people know when to get in touch with you and your content.


5. Use Instagram stories

Your law firm can use Instagram stories to have a more behind-the-scenes look at the office. It’s a more humane way of building a brand presence. It shows people the human-side of the law firm so that interactions don’t feel as cold.

You can also use Instagram stories to promote content. Before posting content, try and announce it on your Instagram stories first.


6. Produce video content

Instagram doesn’t only support photos, it also is a platform for videos.

Now, you don’t have to go to upload a full-blown documentary. After all, the limit for an Instagram video is one minute.

What you should do is provide easily consumable video content. All you would really need is a phone so you don’t need to do much editing or high-level production on the video.


7. Regram

Regramming is like reposting or sharing content from other users, except it’s linguistically changed for Instagram. Hence, regram.

If you’re interested in building an audience, a regram here and there is a great way of having content up and running fast.

Make sure that you credit your content source though. Nobody likes a plagiarizer.

The importance of not only using Instagram to promote your business, but also to use effective Instagram tips to market your law firm, is plenty. You get business results. You have a better social media presence and more.

All these things are crucial to running a successful law firm. So upgrade your Instagram presence by applying these Instagram marketing tips.