How Social Media Marketing is Impacting Your Business

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful platforms. It provides high brand exposure. There are more than 3.5 billion people available on social media platforms. With the help of social media, businesses are gaining great opportunities to easily communicate with people and create brand awareness, promote products and services in an effective and efficient manner.


“ One of the great results of social media marketing is that you can easily reach the audience you are targeting. Keep communicating with them, give the response to their doubts and issues swiftly and keep monitoring the social media pages of your competition. “

By Piyush Jain, CEO of Simpalm


Here are the top 5 positive effects of social media marketing for business-


1 – Multiple Touchpoints Between Customer and Business 

Social media is the main platform to interact with customers and gain attention. Research shows that there are 42% of people who expect to get a response through social media within sixty minutes. There are different social media platforms available in the market. These platforms include Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram. These are very powerful media channels to engage and easily communicate with your customers.

Such multiple touchpoint customer service plays a very important role in business growth.


2 – Reach A Bigger Audience 

According to marketing experts, social media has completely changed the way business works. Social media has increased business traffic by 75%. It is one of the best platforms to improve brand awareness and stay connected with customers.

Social media is one of the most important sources for people to know more about business and its workings. They get knowledge about the business's latest products and services, promotions, deals, etc.


“ With the help of a social media platform, a business can easily share its business news. They can post the photos of their workings and share products and services which they provide. This will help to build customer trust and gain more potential and permanent customers.”

By Micah Solomon, Customer service expert


3 – Effect Brand Awareness 

Social media platforms provide wide opportunities for brands to show some creativity to others by promoting and running social media campaigns. It is one of the best tactics to engage with the audience, grab their attention and improve brand awareness.

One cannot build a brand easily. It takes a long time, dedication, and constantly proving the customers that they can trust in our brand. There are many tactics which are going to help you build brand awareness by using social media platforms.

Social media will allow you to connect with a large number of an audience where you can create good and attractive content, use of attractive infographics and good quality images will gradually help your brand to build in the eyes of the audience.


4 – Improves Customer Service

We have seen so many times customer posting complaints and feedback on social media platforms. This has completely changed the face of customer service. Nowadays, people prefer to post on social media instead of talking at call centers. People are posting problems on social media to gain instant attention from the brand.

Brands are getting instant feedback about their work and services on social media platforms. This helps brands to improve their services instantly. Every comment, post related to the services are helping in brand development. Brands are also working hard to get good comments and positive replies from their customers on social media. This is helping them to get more customers.


“ Business should always try to provide good quality of services to its customers and never take their complaints and feedback for granted. They can make you or break you.”

 By Blake Morgen, Customer Experience Consultant