5 Strategic Ways to Use Social Media to Hire the Right Employees

Social Media is used by businesses around the world to promote their products and to present their brand in the best possible way. However, Social Media Platforms are also used by about 92 percent of the recruiters for recruiting people.

People use Social Media for liking, posting, commenting, etc. but they also use it to look for a job and that’s where you should be directing your efforts.

Here are some tips to formulate your social media strategy for hiring the right employees for your company.

Social Media Recruiting means recruitment of candidates via Social Media Platforms which act as talent databases. This includes advertising Opening and Positions and can be done through HR Vendors or via crowdsourcing where potential job openings are shared by job seekers on their personal, online social networks.

You will be able to identify, attract, engage, and hire active as well as passive candidates through the Social Media Networks they use. This is done by examining their Social Media Platform. This is different from other types of Online Recruitments as it allows you to connect directly with the job seeker.

The Following Strategies are for targeting both types of candidates, those that are active and those that are passive but can be persuaded to jump aboard.

  1.   Build your Company’s Online Reputation and videos to engage passive Candidates:

You need to be the company that everyone knows about and want to work for. Jobseekers are looking for a long-lasting and emotional connection with the right type of company so give them the reason to be passionate and convince them that your company is a great place to work at. Companies that are unique, that have a great working environment or offer exceptional employee benefits are always talked about in the world. Keep your messaging on track and keep your voice up by spreading the word about your ethics, values, and beliefs.

You have to engage with your candidates to take your relationships to the next level. One of the best means to do so is to use an engagement video. Social Media Users are about 10 times more likely to engage with a video than any other form of content. 52 percent of professional marketers around the world agree that this medium of engagement is the best. This is mainly because Human Brain is able to process visual information 60,000 times faster also you can convey so much more in a Video because of verbal messaging, verbal one, and body language.

  1.   Make Employees to posts on social media and use LinkedIn groups:

Social Media helps you in extending your reach. What you need to do is to ask your employees to perform a part in the recruitment process by sharing posts on the Social Media Platforms. Personal Recommendations can also help the area but you should make sure that your corporate Social Media Policy is robust and in place so that employees know what is expected of them.

According to recent research, around 87% of Recruiters around the world use LinkedIn to hunt for talent. 55% use Facebook and 47% use Twitter. So what you need to do in addition to showing that you are actively recruiting is to join LinkedIn groups. Candidates are actively involved in specialized Communities on LinkedIn and you need to seek such communities out. For example, if you are looking to hire Salespeople than you should join Sales Association Groups and Business Development Professionals. In this way, you can easily identify top talent and leverage influencers in the area.

  1.   Share Quality Content and Target all suitable Social Media Platforms:

Whatever you share, be careful about its quality so that it doesn’t end up as spam. Create Engaging content that is useful, entertaining, interesting, and worth spreading. These may include the following Formats:

  • How-to-Guides.
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Blog Posts
  • Infographics
  • Photographics
  • Podcasts.

Give people the reason to share your content to make it viral. Try different types of Social Media Platforms and focus on them with different strategies. This is because what works for Twitter might not work for Facebook and Twitter. Be creative in your approach as different Social Media Platforms are aimed at different types of audiences. Also, don’t just stick to the big 3, create engaging profiles on Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube as well.

Consider other niche networks as well as:

  • Marketers can be found on Warrior Forum and Moz.
  • Developers would like to share knowledge on StackOverflow and GitHub.
  • For Leaders and such other people browse on Quora.
  1.   Social Media Advertising and keeping potential candidates engaged:

Build a Community of like-minded people and create something to stay engaged instead of spamming. Try to start two-way conversations with them, use direct messages and approach such people who are capable of becoming part of your talent pool.

Focus on information about your company, potential opportunities and the benefits employees can get.

Social Media Advertising works like a charm because you are able to focus on the right type of people. This is much more effective than traditional advertising because you are not blindly targeting millions of people but focusing on the specific people by defining your parameters.

  1.   Harness the power of Hashtags:

Hashtags can be powerful but it’s not as simple as putting a # sign in front of a word or a sentence and expect it to create some magic. You need to know the geographical region, reach of your hashtags, how many people use it, the demography if you are not targeting your key audience. If it appears to be redundant, leave it and if it's popular care should take s that your message is not lost in the tidal wave.

So you should be inventive with your Hashtags, try to personalize your hashtags according to your company and to your goals.