The Era of Antisocial Social Media

Back then, things were simple. When there was a crisis, the world would know via media platforms like newspapers and television. Articles were written on paper, providing more details about the recent news. Television personalities interviewed people who were involved in issues. Obviously, there was media.  


Today, media has changed a lot. Although the media platforms we once used still exist, what really left a mark is the addition of the word “social” into media.


Traditional Media Vs. Social Media 

So, what really makes traditional media different from social media? Here are a few reasons: 


1. The target audience of traditional media is generally limited as they are more targeted. Social media, on the other hand, can reach whoever, wherever! 

2. Traditional media, once released and published, is already said and done, while social media is versatile, meaning you can still change it once published. 

3. Traditional media may sometimes be delayed due to press times. Social media can release news right away. 

4. Traditional media is one-way, which means you will never know your readers' thoughts. Social media is a two-way street, where you can freely interact with your readers. 

5. Traditional media has a more accurate demographic. Social media, on one hand, is often unreliable. 


The Rise of Social Media 

With social media on the rise, traditional media seems to be fading away. In fact, many local publishing companies have already shifted to digital in order to stay ahead and be in the loop. 


However, the problem with social media today is that many people claim to be social media experts. Random people boast and brag about themselves being experts in a specific subject matter, where in fact, they aren’t. They’re simply hiding behind accounts, doing everything in their power to get “Likes” and “Shares.”  


What makes the situation even sadder is that these people are hiding behind fake accounts, using devices that can be traceable to them. They use technology and various applications in order to express their thoughts and be accepted by this individualistic society. The more reactions they get, the better they feel.  


The sad truth is that these people only need a dose of digital likeness. It’s their means of reaffirming themselves. For them, it’s merely an addiction, an act which makes them feel a part of a vicious circle. 


What's the Future for Social Media? 

Even with its popularity, the truth is that social media is still on the rise. And that includes all known platforms we currently use: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and a lot more.  

Until now, social media continues to shape our culture and media itself. If you notice, we are now spending more time on our computers and smartphones, endlessly scrolling through our feed, even if we have nothing to do. 


But hey, social media isn't just about making people anti-social. It also has positive influences. It allows some brands to easily reach more customers. However, we have to be more specific. These brands are those that target the younger generation, the age group who are more into using social media platforms. 


Then again, reaching these target audiences isn't an easy game. Marketers need to assess their approach and come up with innovative and creative strategies. They have to understand the distinct characteristics of the audience they are trying to attract. After all, you cannot please everybody. One will never be excited to be in a place where everyone is allowed. 


But Really, Is Social Media Making the World Anti-Social? 

This era has become very dependent on social media. But social media itself has created invisible barriers among people, causing many to develop a habit of constantly checking their phones, or worse, to pretend to be someone they're not. 


Yes, people may now be competing to amass millions of followers on their channels and accounts. But in real life, will these followers help you?  


It's just sad that technology, which was supposed to ease the lives of mankind, has caused a more serious issue, particularly in the younger generation. Perhaps, social media is simply just a double-edged sword that may harm us if we do not practice caution. 


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