Crazy Social Media Hacks to Boost Your Online Visibility

Undoubtedly, social media marketing is the heart and soul of the entire digital marketing. According to a recent survey report by statista, 3.8 billion of the worldwide population is active on social media.


Apparently, this is indeed good for businesses that have got a great platform to market their products and services!


Now, businesses can connect and engage with 3.8 billion people online.


An astounding figure, right!


Certainly, social media marketing is one of the most powerful ways to enable your business outshine your competitors, in this competitive world. Many businesses are already using social media as a powerful marketing tool to establish a strong brand identity in the online world.


It’s no secret that social media marketing is evolving at a rapid pace. However, with its explosive growth, social media is now getting more challenging for marketers to grab the consumer’s attention. Approximately, 90% of businesses are on social media for exposure, traffic, and to gain market insights.


Now, the competition on social media has turned fierce!


But, there is absolutely no need to worry.


Following are the crazy social media hacks that can help you to win the battle in the social media landscape:


Give Your Brand a Human Touch

Live video streaming is the most engaging and dynamic way to boost your brand’s visibility. It has the potential to take your social media marketing efforts to the next level. Also, there is another plus point, according to which, every social media platform pushes the visibility of native content.


Do you know, 80% of people prefer to watch live stream content as compared to any other standard content? So, does that mean, you should present your audience the live content?

If your audience likes to watch live content, then why not?


With live video streaming, you can get more engagements as compared to any other third-party content. Live video streaming helps in humanizing your brand by establishing a real-time connection between you and your audience. Hence, including the native content to your social media content plan is a great idea.


Let your audience interact and engage with you in real-time.


Tap into the Power of Visual Marketing

People love visual content as compared to any other standard content. Thus, visual marketing is the key to engagements in social media. Pinterest and Instagram are visual-centric social media platforms, that are growing quickly.


Do you know, nearly 500 million people use Instagram daily?


Due to the popularity of visual content in social media, Twitter and Facebook have joined this bandwagon too. If you want to boost your brand’s visibility on social media, you should focus on creating visual content such as videos, infographics, and GIFs. Such content can get more user attention and engagement. By including visual content in your social media content strategy, you can reach a wider audience very easily.


It will be logical to say that without visuals your social media content strategy is boring and incomplete. If you are still applying an old school social media content strategy, it’s high time to upgrade it. Start using visual content to boost your brand image in the social media landscape.


Create Content Around Trending Topics

A trending topic is a hot topic that gets millions of views. This is the topic that draws everyone’s attention across the world.


Every social media channel has a trending section. YouTube has a separate trending section. This is a dream section for every YouTuber. Only the content that gets millions of views, is offered a chance to flaunt in the trending section. Similarly, you can find a trending section on Facebook too. Also, with the help of Twitter, you can find out the trending topics in your area.


Creating content on trending topics can help you to boost your brand’s visibility. People love to engage with realistic content. In fact, such type of content may go viral too! You can also use trending and appropriate hashtags for better visibility of your posts.


In the End.

Undeniably, social media marketing is a brilliant way to amplify online visibility and enhance brand awareness.


But due to the growing competition, it is certainly getting challenging now.


But, by upgrading your present social media marketing strategy, you can reap amazing results and, can definitely become a super-star brand soon!