How to Build an Engaging Social Media Business Page

As we all know, social media is everything right now. With the likes of Facebook and Instagram, we have an opportunity to engage with our target market, to share content, to generate reviews/testimonials, to encourage digital word of mouth (social proof), and even sell products. To get to this position, however, we first need to build an engaging social media business page. In this guide, we’ve got some advice! 


1. Know Your Audience 

We know you’re bored of seeing this tip with digital marketing guides, but there is no shortcut to understanding your audience. The more you know, the easier it will be to build a social media business page that resonates. Getting a better understanding of your audience may help you to realize that Facebook or Instagram isn’t the right platform. You might decide that Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn are better options.


2. Understand the Social Media Tone 

Nobody wants to see a boring business on social media, and this is where it’s essential to understand the difference between social media and other channels. We understand that you want to grow and generate sales, but people don’t go on social media to spend money. Therefore, we need to add value in some way. 


3. Engage with Customers 

This might sound simple since we’re talking about building an engaging page, but one of the best things you can do is share the content of others, talk to people, and create a real community around your brand. Did you know that around two in five people use social networks to research new brands before deciding whether or not to pursue? They will look at your social media channels to see what you stand for, who you are, what you believe in, and more. When they take the time to engage, respond. Your new followers will value your effort, and you won’t just be ‘another business.’ 


4. Share Visuals 

If you want to capture attention, one of the best ways to do this is to share interesting visuals on your page. Especially within the fashion and beauty industries, Millennials and Gen Z consumers like to view images before spending their money. If this is the same for your audience, consider using Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and other visual platforms. 


5. Quality Over Quantity 

With any business page, we highly believe in quality over quantity. Proof of this comes from Innocent, a UK-based drinks manufacturer. Rather than posting every hour, they recently adopted a strategy that saw them offer a humorous daily update. They would post other things, but most of the plan revolved around this daily update that made people laugh, and this helped with exposure). 


6. Track and Analyze 

If you’re going to build an engaging business page on social media, we highly recommend keeping tabs on what posts do and don’t perform. Again, this relates to your audience. If you’re continually trying content that doesn’t resonate, the CTAs you include in the posts won’t get anywhere. When you’re considering your audience and then looking at the analytics to shape your content around them, you’ll soon start to see results. 


7. Schedule in Advance 

We’ve seen brands focus so much on posting that they don’t have time to engage, and this is why we will always suggest scheduling for brands of all sizes. With a week’s worth of posts lined up, you suddenly have all the time in the world to engage and talk to those who help your business to thrive. 


Elsewhere, we also recommend being human (rather than using a robotic voice), aiming for relationships, and working with other brands! 


8. Ananlyse the Competitors

Knowing your competitor's social networking tactics and interaction will help you create a plan on what you should do as well.


More importantly, by assessing your competitors, you will discover popular ideas to distinguish yourself as a brand in the eyes of the potential customers you compete for.


9. Use Hashtags

Similar to a keyword on a webpage, hashtags are used to make the social media do well in search engine results. Users may pursue these hashtags directly or check for similar posts.


It is important to note that your hashtags will change based on the content you are submitting. Although there will be regular hashtags that you use in your content, adding diversity will help you attract wider markets already interested in your area.