10 Social Media Tips to Boost Engagement

In today’s digital world, social media has become a rightful tool to enhance global business proper presence. It has become a key catalyst for many organizations by helping them generate leads and increase their brand value. While many people are beginning their social promotion journey, many of the leading brands have already made it a part of their digital marketing strategy, and so they are reaping its benefits.


While there’s no denying the fact that promoting your business on social media is vital for your business, it is also true that posting anything on social platforms doesn’t bring you good sales. It is the engaging content that brings quality leads to your online channel. You can post hundreds of things, but a unique, effective, and engaging content can always win more deals. Let us learn more about it through this article! 


Why is Social Media Engagement Important?

While talking about social media engagement, it is always first vital to know why you should do that? What benefits will you get on promoting your business on social media? Well, here’s the answer!


People today spend more time on social channels than on any other outdoor activities or media sources. With social media engagement, you can seamlessly strengthen your customer relationships and even promote your brand without much effort. Once you start promoting your products or services on social media, people will know you more.


They will become accustomed to your brand, and thus leveraging your services or products will not be new for them. Furthermore, understanding your customer needs and offering them online services to fulfill all those needs will also help you build better customer relationships. The people will love your brand as you have solved their issues and provided them with effective services or products. 


With social media engagement, you can even reach a higher number of audiences. The social channels enable you to target global customers by sending them the perfect offers of your brand at the ideal time. Thus, if the user gets what he has been looking for, then he/she may likely convert into your customer. 


Social media engagement helps you generate more leads, and eventually, more sales and brand value.    


How to Boost your Social Media Engagement?

So, now you are well aware of the importance of social media engagement in improving your business. Let us now quickly jump to the crucial tips to boost engagement and create more valuable customers on social media. 


#1. Create Catchy Headlines

Investing in catchy headlines is the foremost step you need to make to make your social media posts more engaging. You might have heard the saying that doesn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be real here! 


Today, almost everything we see trending is because it has created a zeal amongst the users to open that link and read that content. It does not matter how engaging or visual-rich your content is; if you do not create emotional or pin-point headlines of your content, nobody will read it.


According to research, almost eight out of ten people only read headlines before reading the content. Hence, your foremost aim should be to frame effective and catchy headlines that can precisely describe the users’ pain-points. It should have the power to attract the users so that they visit your site. After all, your main aim is to get more traffic on your website and generate more quality leads.


#2. Join Social Groups

Another great initiative that you can take to boost your social media presence is to join other groups relevant to your niche. Joining relevant groups and taking part in their discussions is a robust way to inform people that you are a profitable brand. Customers today are becoming a bit impatient, and they want answers to all their queries soonest possible. 


So, you can take part in their question and answer sessions to efficiently solve their queries. That will also help you grow your name on the global platform. Answering first to the customer queries pits you before your competitors, and as such, you seamlessly become a go-to-seller. 


However, if your provided content is not useful for the users or is not satisfied with your answer, you may lose the game here. So, one thing you can do to eliminate this condition is to frame answers relevant to your niche and then personalize them as per the questions. You can even create blog posts or in-depth guides to help your users in a better way. 


#3. Analyze the best Posting Time

Although posting dynamic content on social media boosts your online presence, posting also plays a crucial role. Even if you post engaging content with videos and excellent graphics, it may sometimes not reach your target audience. Reason? The timing of posting is not perfect!


It would be best if you plan your posting schedules as per the timings when most of your users are online. That way, you have the chance to market your products and services in front of large audiences. You could have better engagement and eventually generate more quality leads. Having talked of the perfect timings, another crucial thing you should note that the schedules of posting your content may vary based on location, social platform, and the target audience.


To get a correct idea of the perfect posting time, you can seamlessly leverage online tools like the one Hubspot’s social posting tool. Hubspot’s tool can help you find the ideal timing to engage more users in less time. You can even schedule your posts according to those timings using the same tool and review them later to analyze their metrics. 


#4. Pay Heed to Visual Content

Now here’s something that you might have heard a lot of time, but it is still a crucial aspect. Visuals can transform your content to a significant level and can affect your engagement metrics. We all are aware that a picture speaks a thousand words more than a mere piece of content. Well, that saying holds even to this day!


According to a study, images lead to a whopping 85% of interactions on Facebook! That’s a huge percentage, which shows that people today leverage visual content more than written content. People today love to see engaging videos and eye-catching images that can describe their pain-points and solutions alike. 


Even before reading the headline, they focus on the visuals to get an idea of the post. So, you can show your creativity here by designing eye-catching visuals. 


#5. Do AMAs(Ask Me Anything)

AMAs or Ask Me Anything is a different trend that has gained popularity in recent times. With AMAs, you can seamlessly connect to more users and know their concerns and thoughts on your products and services. Previously only Reddit had this feature, and many people, including Ex-President Barack Obama, leveraged to connect with more people in less time. 


However, today, all the big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have the AMAs feature with advancements in social channels. Even Quora is leveraging the Ask Me Anything feature trending on the internet today to increase it’s site’s traffic! You can seamlessly introduce your offers and new services/products to many audiences and, at the same time, can even get their reviews and feedback through the same platform. 


#6. Focus on Personalized Engagement

Giving direct responses to your customers besides sharing their posts is an effective way to engage your existing customers. Making your users feel valued is one of the most significant ways to make your customers happy and loyal. 


Sometimes, many customers don’t even directly message you, but perhaps talk about you in the comment section or hashtags. In that scenario, it is vital to answer any of their queries timely and expertly. Even if they have praised you for your services, you should leave a personalized message to make them feel valued. 


Remember, your users are your future clients, and a happy customer means more business. So, think tactically and try to answer every query or tags of your users in an effective and personalized manner! 


#7. Use Humour

People often use social media to get entertained and not buy something. If all of your social media posts will only be specific about your products, you may end up losing your valuable users. People will develop a false image that your brand is only concerned about selling products, resulting in fewer followers and engagement.


To eliminate such circumstances, you should always pay attention to the type of content you share on your social channels. You should always try to experiment with the kind of contents and should include some humor into them. Come up with memes related to your industries, or try to post contents with humorous and relatable headlines. That will funnily make your posts engaging, and people will indulge in your offers and products seamlessly.  


#8. Interact with your Users

Keeping in touch with your valuable users is the right way of enticing your users. As discussed above, providing valuable time through personalized comments and problem-solving is an effective way of keeping in touch with your users.


However, with time, more valuable features are added continuously on social media channels. One such feature that has helped brands remain in touch is live videos. Going live on social channels and interacting with your customers is a significant way of engaging your existing users and luring the new ones. 


You can prepare a schedule of how often to go live and what to talk about. You can even start the video and then go with the flow by answering all the questions and thanking all your users. Going live with your user can help you build trust in them, as they would be able to see to whom they are talking. In other words, they would get to know the face behind the brand they are leveraging.   


#9. Host Giveaway Contests

Offering gifts or special prizes to your users in return for becoming your followers, or retweeting your specific hashtags is a great way to lure new users and acknowledge engagement. Rewards always drive more traffic towards your account, as everybody loves surprises and gifts. 


People always get more attracted to a brand that can offer them something in return or value their engagement. The gift need not be an expensive thing; it could be a freebie or even a shout out to your fans. Running giveaway contests will help you create a sense of excitement amongst your followers. People will continuously follow your brand and will engage more effectively in the hope of winning prizes.


However, you must ensure that the giveaways should be fair and everybody should have equal chances of winning. You could either run a questionnaire, some retweeting contest, or anything else that could promote your brand. That way, you need to invest much in marketing, and your fans would also get happy!   


#10. Hashtags are Important

Last but surely not least is to incorporate proper hashtags in your post. This particular advice has been discussed many times, but that does not make it any less important than others. Leveraging appropriate hashtags can help you in the long run of social media promotions.


Hashtags are keywords that help your post reach a dedicated audience without much effort. You can not only stand out from your competitors. Still, you can also become a part of the interactions with the people searching your specific hashtags. And that’s why many of the companies have leveraged the hashtags to drive and engage more users. 


For instance, Coca-Cola made great use of their hashtag #ShareACoke to engage more customers and promote their brand across various social channels. Any of the users who used this hashtag can be found using a simple search on the social channels. That creates new doors for the companies to interact and engage with new users and promote their brand. 


However, one thing to consider here is, don’t go hashtag mad! In other words, try to include only your domain related hashtags that can define your business most seamlessly!  

To Conclude!

So, those were the top 10 ways of increasing your social media engagement and driving more users. If you are not leveraging any of those tactics, then it is high time to do so! If you have leveraged any of the above tactics to increase your social media engagement, later try using others. Who knows what might work wonders for your business! 


To conclude, we can say that the world is going digital. People today are spending more time on social channels than any other source. In such a scenario, promoting your business online is a great marketing initiative.  

Do you have something else in your mind? Whether you have experience with social media marketing to share or questions in your mind, we can always hear them all! Drop your comments below, and we will surely get back to you. Till then, happy reading!