Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising for 2020

In the age of the internet and technology, almost everyone spends hours on end online. Social media marketing in Abu Dhabi and across the world are no strangers to the complex nature of social media networks, but do companies understand the importance of social media advertising?


There are billions of users on social media so it only makes sense that these platforms are the ideal places to spend money on advertising for! You can control budgets while boosting your visibility to potential customers and increase your leads within no time.



Facebook is arguably the best platform when it comes to social media ads. With over 2 billion users on a monthly basis, the platform provides companies and advertisers opportunities to reach out to virtually everyone. Facebook is known to excel at lead generation, which is a huge contributing factor to the platform’s popularity.


With Facebook’s Ads functionality, brands have the option to create advanced targeting which outperforms other social media networks. As an advertiser, you can target your audience by location, interests, online activity, job description and so much more. Pricing varies as well. This typically depends on the audience range you’re trying to target as well as the budget you set for your ads. The more money you spend, the more effective your ads are as Facebook increases your ad performance over time.



With over 500 million monthly users, Instagram is known for having one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media - the platform boasts an engagement rate that’s 58% higher than Facebook!


As the network is very image-heavy, those brands that incorporate appealing visuals to their ads will perform better than those who don’t. Instagram ads stand out from organic posts as you’re able to link the ad directly to your product or landing page, allowing users to engage directly with what you’re trying to sell.


To succeed with Instagram ads, we recommend focusing on custom audiences first. This could be based on an email list, followers list, or the list of users who have engaged with your profile in the past, as these tend to perform well.


Lookalike audiences are also effective as the algorithm is great at finding similar audiences that would respond well to your ads.


Just like how you would manage your regular feed, use real images for your ads! No one wants to look at an ad that’s just a stock photo with your company logo on it. You need to make the ad visually appealing and interesting enough to grab the user’s attention within seconds. Don’t forget to use hashtags even with ads! Instagram is driven by the use of hashtags and it’s the best way to reach your target audience.



LinkedIn, in general, is the best social media network for B2B companies. It’s a great place to target the decision-makers of other companies you’re trying to attract and you can reach professionals in your field who you could sell your products to.


There are different types of ad options on LinkedIn: dynamic ads, text ads, message ads and sponsored ads are some of the most common ones.


Unlike Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, LinkedIn performs better for B2B ads, rather than B2C.



Twitter is a diverse platform. It’s a platform that attracts different personalities and remains one of the most popular social media platforms even in 2020. While Twitter is great to use even organically, many companies don’t realize the true power of Twitter advertising.


Many E-commerce stories will make use of Twitter advertising to drive brand awareness or promote specific products. On average, Twitter users shop online 6.9x a month - so why wouldn’t e-commerce stores be keen on advertising?!


There are many ways companies can advertise on Twitter - promoted accounts, promoted tweets, promoted trends and website cards.


Promoted tweets allow you to show your tweets to those users who don’t follow you yet, but are potential customers. Promoted trends enable you to promote a hashtag, such as your brand or campaign hashtag, while promoted accounts will show your Twitter profile to users who don’t follow you but could be interested in doing so.



YouTube is THE largest video-sharing network, as well as the biggest video search engine in the world. Billions of hours are spent all around the world just watching videos on the platform, therefore making it the most effective platform for video advertisements.


Using Google Ads, you can run your own ads on YouTube, while also being able to run ads across the Google Display Network - widening your reach in return!


Paid advertising may seem scary at first, but when you know the ins and outs of each social media platform, it’s all a breeze from there.